This Week’s Top Tech Stories

My regular segment on the John Donabie Show, Saturday mornings on CFRB is coming up. These are the top stories I’ll talk about this week:

  • It’s not all iPhone, Blackberry sales doubled this quarter. Black Friday (the day after US Thanksgiving) was the best day in RIM history.
  • After three years in court, Apple rumor site ThinkSecret shutters, but they don’t have to reveal the names of their informants.skitched-20071221-082713.jpg
  • Last minute gift idea: try donating to – this charitable site helps people in developing nations create new businesses with small loans. Gift certificates are available.

Happy holidays to all my friends in Toronto!

4 Replies to “This Week’s Top Tech Stories”

  1. Hey Leo!
    Like the new design – however didn’t realize (just heard of Net@nite) cause the RSS feed changed.
    Got the new feed now – However – the RSS feed now only shows partial posts, not the full posts, which is really annoying for me – and im guessing for anyone who reads via RSS. Meaning you see the first few lines and then you have to load the whole full page to read the rest. (in a new tab or whatever)
    Would be great if you could fix it so it works like the feed used to work.
    It’s just a tick box in WordPress > admin > options > reading

  2. I had the same problem. My Leo RSS feed stopped working,and if it wasn’t for net@nite and Leo’s mentioning his changing up his site, I would not have known to update the feed.
    Have a great Holiday Season Leo, and enjoy Egypt!!

  3. Heartily endorse the idea. My wife and I both do it, and it’s the shortest path to a nice, warm fuzzy feeling.

  4. Any chance we can get the CFRB podcasts again….especially the chit chat before and after?

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