Site Redesign

Yep, something does look a little different around here. I’ve moved to WordPress (it was PMWiki) and integrated it with my blog (which I moved to WordPress a few months ago).
This new template is Brian Gardner’s Revolution and it makes magazine-style pages like this possible, making WordPress suitable for web sites as well as blogs.

I’m sure you’ll find numerous bugs, both cosmetic and serious. Please let me know when you find something off (you can leave a comment on this post). I’ll be tweaking the site for the next few days and weeks. Thanks for visiting!

9 Replies to “Site Redesign”

  1. Seriously nice redesign, Leo! Very elegant and functional…
    I just hope the new site for the radio show can live up to its new expectations…. lol!

  2. Revolution makes great WordPress themes, however they do come at a price, but I must say Leo this a very nice choice, I wish I had the spare money for something like this.

  3. your blog is way better looking than my free blog + there’s good content here.
    as for background not showing:
    i’m using the latest firefox on vista (i’m sorry), and the background isn’t showing for me either, especially for this page “”…it works fine though on ie7. it might be due to all the security extensions (noscript, adblock plus, fancy numbered tabs) i’ve installed while listening to security now!

  4. Very nice site leo. I love the design. Now if Twit looked this nice and had all this info on the front page.

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