Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-08

  • The radio show tomorrow will be from will be from the Yale Broadcast Center – where I got my start in radio 30 years ago. #
  • Why did I say "email me???" I should have just said, download "Merlin’s Mannerisms from http://twit.tv/merlin.pdf " Sheesh! #
  • Watching my niece in Pygmalion. All this show needs is a musical score and I smell a hit. #

3 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-08”

  1. RE: PYGMALION musical:
    Leo – can I call ya “Leo”? I think ya got a GREAT idea for a show here, bubbe, but we need to develop it more. How’s about I call this guy Lerner in? His folks own the Lerner Department Stores so he’s LOADED, and I heard he’s done this show about Scottish villages or gold miners 0r something – here, have a cigar!
    Just want to put a bug in your ear – Rex Harrison! Yeah, so what if he’s dead? You’d rather Keanu Reeves, maybe…?

  2. Mulling those “mannerisms” really makes me miss Merlin on MBW. Thanks for making the PDF available, Leo!

  3. OK, I found the iCal version of Merlin’s Mannerisms, but is there an RSS feed? It would be great to just get it every day via RSS…
    I would do it if I knew how to auto publish for the rest of the year…

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