Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-08

  • The radio show tomorrow will be from will be from the Yale Broadcast Center – where I got my start in radio 30 years ago. #
  • Why did I say "email me???" I should have just said, download "Merlin’s Mannerisms from http://twit.tv/merlin.pdf " Sheesh! #
  • Watching my niece in Pygmalion. All this show needs is a musical score and I smell a hit. #

3 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-08”

  1. RE: PYGMALION musical:
    Leo – can I call ya “Leo”? I think ya got a GREAT idea for a show here, bubbe, but we need to develop it more. How’s about I call this guy Lerner in? His folks own the Lerner Department Stores so he’s LOADED, and I heard he’s done this show about Scottish villages or gold miners 0r something – here, have a cigar!
    Just want to put a bug in your ear – Rex Harrison! Yeah, so what if he’s dead? You’d rather Keanu Reeves, maybe…?

  2. OK, I found the iCal version of Merlin’s Mannerisms, but is there an RSS feed? It would be great to just get it every day via RSS…
    I would do it if I knew how to auto publish for the rest of the year…

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