Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-06

  • Talking with the founder of Crazy Blind Date on net@nite. We should ask @irinaslutsky what she thinks! #
  • Heading to New Haven tomorrow to serve on an advisory committee – podcasts will slow down until Tuesday. No TWiT Sunday. #
  • Someone just sent me a message saying "keep up the god work." Will do. #
  • Little hint for Mac users: Adobe Acrobat prints Virgin boarding passes all black. Apple Preview does it right. (Change A4 to Letter tho.) #

One Reply to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-06”

  1. ‘Someone just sent me a message saying “keep up the god work.”‘i’m sure it was just a typo, and part of the message went down the wrong tubes. the message should have said “you are a greek god, keep up the good work”


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