Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-29

  • What’s the best Morse code key? We’ll help you choose, next on The Lab with Leo…. #
  • Keyser Soze just called to wish me happy birthday. That was cool. #
  • This is what it feels like to be Scoble. #
  • My daughter just asked me if I was "like, 60?" Thanks for the good wishes everyone! #
  • OK no more lolcats, but how about leolcats? #
  • @maccast – how about this: http://urltea.com/28j0?leolcat – skitch is the perfect leolcat weapon #
  • One more show then back to the hotel to celebrate my birthday. Alone. With a bottle of Wild Turkey. And an oven mitt. And a bundt pan. #

10 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-29”

  1. Happy birthday, Leo! I’m a little concerned tho’. I understand the Wild Turkey, but should we even ask about the oven mitt and the bundt pan??

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  3. “Keyser Soze just called to wish me happy birthday. That was cool.”
    i guess that makes you a usual suspect

  4. Wow, me and Leo share our birthdays! I’m sure we share them with millions of other people as well but hey, its not everyday you find out who those people are!

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