31 Replies to “I’m Just Tucking In – Honest”

  1. Just heard you say on the live feed “Should I put this picture up on the blog?”
    …and here it is!
    Too bad Kate’s stickcam feed is off today. I saw Sean turn it off a the end of yesterday’s marathon.

  2. “There are no comments yet…Kick things off by filling out the form below.”
    I think Leo’s the one kicking things off! :-O

  3. Happy Birthday, Leo! Enjoy that huge birthday cake you got on the set of The Lab just now.

  4. Even better is the part where the camera operator there is going in for a closer look! And, to my eye, it looks like he’s shooting HD too!

  5. Happy Birthday Leo, you’re the bestest! Sorry the greetings are late — I was catching up on all your Tech Guy podcasts!

  6. I bought the TWiT Ultimate Hoodie. I can’t wait till I get it, oh, and great shows Leo! Man I miss TechTV’s Call for help. 🙁

  7. just being human. no shame in that. Like no guy has tucked in his shirt. You are a professional Leo.

  8. Yes Leo. there’s something wrong with that photo. And , Yes I think you just put your finger on it!

  9. Ha! I didn’t post it online — I showed it to him as a joke and decided he wanted to post it himself though!

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