31 Replies to “I’m Just Tucking In – Honest”

  1. Just heard you say on the live feed “Should I put this picture up on the blog?”
    …and here it is!
    Too bad Kate’s stickcam feed is off today. I saw Sean turn it off a the end of yesterday’s marathon.

  2. Even better is the part where the camera operator there is going in for a closer look! And, to my eye, it looks like he’s shooting HD too!

  3. Happy Birthday Leo, you’re the bestest! Sorry the greetings are late — I was catching up on all your Tech Guy podcasts!

  4. I bought the TWiT Ultimate Hoodie. I can’t wait till I get it, oh, and great shows Leo! Man I miss TechTV’s Call for help. 🙁

  5. just being human. no shame in that. Like no guy has tucked in his shirt. You are a professional Leo.

  6. Yes Leo. there’s something wrong with that photo. And , Yes I think you just put your finger on it!

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