7 Replies to “Sneaking Onto The Lab Set”

  1. Lighting makes anyone look good, off to the store I go. More power is what I need.
    Enjoy your viddler updates.

  2. It looks like you may have a snowy birthday in Canada according to the weatherman. All the best and many happy returns on your birthday. The viddler spots are great by the way! Keep up the fab work. Cheers.

  3. Leo set the viddler down, no one needs to get hurt, just set it down and walk away.
    Just kidding, keep up the good work.

  4. It seems every time I visit your blog, you have some new thing going on. I must now try this viddler to see what its all about.

  5. I have to agree its always about the lighting, but I am a Theatrical Lighting Designer and a bit bias.

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