21 Replies to “Mysterious Visitor From The East”

  1. Wow…just wow. His original TSS interview is still up on YouTube if I remember correctly. Happy Birthday Leo!

  2. Kevin Spacey
    Happy Birthday Leo!
    You know, your Birthday – is the most important Holiday of the Year! Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Hey Leo, Happy Birthday… I hope there are not posts, blogs, netcasts or shows to do today – it is YOUR day!
    Cheers from Australia.

  4. I remember your interview on the ScreenSavers with Kevin Spacey. That was a great interview and he really did seem like a nice guy.

  5. Happy Birthday Leo. (If you daughter thinks you are 60) that makes me soon to be 58…Yuck.
    We are only as young as we want to be.
    Have fun and enjoy your day.

  6. Happy Birthday, Léo!
    Thank you for another wonderful year of TWiT. Thanks for all your hard work!
    Have a fantastic birthday and be sure to spend it with family and good friends.
    Your friend,
    Michael J. Titera
    Parker, Colorado
    P.S. That’s right, I have moved from Fremont, CA to Parker, CO. I absolutely love it here in Colorado!

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