25 Replies to “My First and Last lolcat”

  1. This is an outrage! Outrage, I tell you! I have lost all respect for you Leo Laporte. I am going to resign from the TWiT army!
    But, awwwww kitty reading an eBook it’s sooo cute! Can I has da ebukz?

  2. I hate to admit this, but…I kinda liked it. I gotta hang out with my biker friends more…

  3. hey, that’s one well read/bred cat 🙂 Probably, reading Moby Dick, the fish that got away…

  4. Offtopic, but you’re really getting Canadianized Leo. I heard you on the last TWiT saying “zed” instead of “zee” when spelling out the Tekzilla URL. Good on ya!

  5. Offtopic 2: Zed rules. Except when you are singing the ABC song with little kiddies. Then Zee just sounds better.

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