Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-26

  • That was the largest TWiT panel in a long time – Dvorak, Cali, Scoble, Patrick, Don Reisinger, and Wil Harris. Pretty good show though. #
  • Please don’t judge me but Enchanted was pretty good. I even cried a little at the end. #
  • Hunh. Facebook is actually more fun with more friends. I can’t believe I’ve been such a Scrooge. I am as giddy as a drunken man! #

5 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-26”

  1. I reserve the right to judge you (and anybody else), but Enchanted has a 93% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. That’s a score you’d normally see on “quality” films (i.e. Oscar bait) that aren’t nearly as much fun as Enchanted is. So hold your head high.

  2. I like your large twit panels…But let’s try and give everyone a turn to speak.
    My cat has chewed through 2 MacBook adapters. One more and the cat goes. I think she likes the bitter apple spray. Have you tried that with your dog?

  3. Leo – You describe eBook readers as “A solution looking for a problem.” I have the problem.
    Liveaboard cruising families like my own travel to countries where it is impossible or impossibly expensive to buy books… never mind where to put them. The ereader is the solution to supporting the obsessive reading habits of my three daughters.
    Audible.com? How about Gutenberg Project, Baen Free Library, and Free Books Online. That’ll keep the girls busy for years.

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