Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-25

  • The proper turkey sandwich requires seed rye and Russian dressing. Oh yeah, and turkey. I think I have some of that somewhere here. #
  • Peet’s gingerbread latte. And surprise, an old high school friend is behind the counter. Haven’t seen her in 35 years. #

4 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-25”

  1. Wow, imagine Leo’s conversation with his high school friend. “Haven’t seen you in decades.” Yeah, what have you been up to Leo? “Well I have teh most successful and best podcast in the world, what about you?” I’m working at Peet’s gingerbread latte.

  2. Leo, just learned from my Dad this year that sliced sweet pickles go great on a turkey sando. It sounded weird to me at first, but man alive its good stuff. Give it a shot!

  3. Leo, you are right about the seeded rye, lol! Another good turkey sandwich involves that famous rye bread, toasted, open faced, with turkey and gravy, a side of fries with gravy and a smidge of cranberry on the side for color. Yours sounds yummy too! Ok, is it lunch time yet, lol?! 😉

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