Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-23

  • I snuck out of the house to do a couple of radio interviews and edit Windows Weekly. Guess I have to go back and face the horde now. #
  • We’re all headed to the movies to see Enchanted. I hope they have 20 seats together. #

3 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-23”

  1. Leo,you should check out the new digital theaters,there really amazing.! highly recommend it. beowolf was a awesome movie in 3d.!

  2. TWIT 122: Re: Kindle and e-ink books. I know you don’t read your email so I hope you read this. You and your panel completely missed the point about e-ink books. #1 complaint about reading books on a screen in the past was that back lit reading hurt the eyes. People wanted to read on a reflective medium like print. E-ink simulates that the best. So complaining there is no back light misses the point. Also, it isn’t intended to fix paperback books. It will do to books what itunes did to music. No more chewing up trees, no more shipping and warehousing. No stock on hand. It’s better than print on demand. It’s instant distribution, minimal overhead. It would revolutionize the publishing industry. I work in comics. Due to production costs, a single comic costs at least $2.50 an issue. Way to pricey. The industry is rapidly losing readership. If we can lower the cost of an issue down to 50 cents, where it is an impulse buy, it would save the comics industry, and drastically change it. Again, people don’t want to read comics on a monitor, they want something close to the printed experience. Granted, e-ink books are relatively new and over priced, but imagine everyone having one in the future. All school textbooks loaded on one device. No more lost books. No more 3rd graders hauling rolling suitcases full of books home. Think of all the trees we save. All the fuel not spent on shipping heavy books everywhere. Nothing will go out of print. No bookstore ever being sold out of the book you want. itunes and the like has totally transformed the music industry. E-ink looks to do the same for print, but also deliver as close to the original reading experience as possible. You and your panelists were far too glib and ill informed about the issue and its ramifications. You were talking like old fuddy duddies.

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