13 Replies to “I’m A Night Elf Mohawk”

  1. I am really loving these new commercials, the one with William Shatner as a Shaman is funny too. Both of these are great commercials, leave it to Blizzard to come up with great advertising again.

  2. nice- i wish i were a gamer at times – that is more my wife’s thing – it doesn’t stop me from appreciating the beauty of the art, tech, and here now the humor. funny

  3. Love the Mr T commercial, he looks pretty much the same to me and I believe he went through a battle with cancer. I always thought that Warcraft was a Geek version of crack

  4. lol. He very well could be handy with computers. We here in the suburbs of Chicago know how handy he is with chain-saws — so it’s really not outside the realm of possibilities.

  5. First off, excellent commercial, freaken hilarious.
    Now that that’s out of the way; Mr T? I’m 31 years old and even I’m too young to remember the “T” glory years. This commercial must be primarily aimed at 35-45 year olds. aka “geezers” – at least compared to the average gamer’s age.
    An indication that game demographics are widening? Or just proof that WoW has already sucked in everyone else.

  6. Not really, Mr. T is known to everyone. Even when I was in elementary school (I’m 19 now) I remember him being the sh@!

  7. Mr. T is awesome, this commercials intent seems to be to dispel the “myth” that Warcraft is for nerds, this is the best commercial I have seen in a while.

  8. In response to Ricky mondello about not needing commercials
    “”SHUT UP FOO!” ~ Mr.T

  9. This was one of the funnier commercials i’ve seen in a while. Compared to the other long drawn out drug commercials this one tops them all. I dont think Blizzard is trying to revive a dead game they just want more to join.

  10. Great advert, wish could say the same about the game but it is too addictive, so count me out.
    Mr. T for the win

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