Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-21

  • I just booked a flight to New York on Virgin America. Can one be an airline fanboi? #
  • Just brined two 16 lb turkeys for tomorrow. Perfusus in Pacis. (Soak in peace.) #
  • Well, maybe Mr. T hacked the game and created a Mohawk class. Had that occurred to you Mr. Condescending Director? #
  • @trishussey – Hang in there buddy! At least you don’t have to move furniture to make way for 26 in-laws. #

2 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-21”

  1. Hi Leo,
    you often complain about the FF 2.0 Memory Usage in your Netcasts and i fully understand that, because it’s the only thing i really hate about FF.
    Now i found a tool calles Firefox Ultimate Optimizer and it’s magic. Beforce FF from startup wanted about more than 20MB now with that tool it uses only about 800k even with 5 open tabs.
    Greetings from Germany,

  2. Leo — I hope you see this … it looked like the best way to get a message to you.  I am very disappointed in your interview with Marsha Collier on on Tech Guy show 612.  It is absolutely unethical to go into a store and try on clothes with no intention of buying … and then go buy them online.  It is stealing time from the salespeople (who might be working on commission, or might be helping other people) and/or stealing time from the owner of the store (who is paying to keep the store open and staffed).  I buy online all the time, but if I want the higher level of service that one finds in a Brick and Mortar store, I buy there.Marsha Collie

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