7 Replies to “iPwned”

  1. How about they cancel my Samsung with no early termination fee so I can get an iPhone.
    My VZW phone sucks and unfortunately, I’m only 6 months into a 2-year contract with them. In that 6 months, I’m on my 2nd phone, btw. First one’s outer screen cracked and now this one is having hinge problems.
    (Actually, I’d love to get a T-Mobile phone, but they don’t have service where I’m at)

  2. Latest rumor – Spain to get first batch of 3G iPhones before the end of the year! Maybe one get’s a mobile battery recharger with that, I mean 3G is a real ‘sucker’…but fast, sure is way faster than EDGE, so…
    Oh, and Vodafone is suing T-Mobile for SIM-locking the iPhone to their network in Germany.
    No matter what You think of the iPhone as an actual mobile device – it sure causes a stir wherever it appears in one way or another!

  3. Leo, had the same thing happen when I first got my MacBook Pro, darn cat chewed up the power cord 🙁
    Yahoo Widgets, looks like the one on the page is an image, I selected one from the list (1/3 of the page) down and it downloaded fine.

  4. Wow if that didn’t have a Verizon shop in it I’d swear that photo was taken in my old neighbourhood back in Australia! Suburban Australia and the US look so similar :).

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