Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-19

  • Abby has announced she no longer wants sandwiches in her school lunch. They’re "boring." Perhaps a shrimp and escarole frittata instead? #
  • Is it me or is there no link to the widget engine download at http://widgets.yahoo.com ? Yahoo has ruined this product. #
  • Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s a Mac thing? I still don’t see where to download the Yahoo Widget engine. "Get It" doesn’t. http://urltea.com/24fk #
  • Dang dog chewed up my Eee PC charger. Where am I going to get another one of those? #
  • Kindle is what happens when a company designs a product to fit its business model instead of its customers needs. #
  • @CaliLewis I’ve been using a Quickcam for Ustream but a DV cam would be better. #

4 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-19”

  1. FYI, The Widget engine v4 isn’t Leopard compatible. Unless they fixed it recently….

  2. My daughter gave me that line as well.  Guess who makes her lunches now?  You got it, she does.
    Don’t see her cooking many frittatas after her homework is done…

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