I’ve been looking for the best way to put video into this blog. I was hoping for some sort of Flash capture built-into WordPress that would let me host the videos here (as I’ve mentioned before I like the idea of keeping all my content locally just in case), but all the plug-ins I can find host somewhere else. With that the case it seems easiest to use iMovie to record the video then use it post it directly to YouTube. I guess Google will be around as long as I will anyway. Then I can embed the video here. That’s what I did below.

It takes a while for YouTube to digest the video, but at least I get the embed code right away. Of course I need something to say, too, but maybe as I get used to the idea of video blogging I’ll find my voice.

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  1. never knew talking about absolutely nothing could be so entertaining lol (and yes, I almost did laugh out loud).
    Go Zune!

  2. Hah! It’s humbling to see the master of audio broadcasting stumbling for words on video. I guess that’s what happens to anybody when they’re not sure what they’re supposed to say.
    A nice glimpse into “everyday Leo” life perhaps…

  3. LOL!! Oblivion has that effect on everyone I think, keep up the good work I watch the lab on Tech TV everday been a fan since the screen savers, good to here some familiar voices on twit from time to time.

  4. Hi Leo, I believe You Tube actually has a function where you can use the built-in camera on your iMac or MacBook/~Pro to record directly onto You Tube–no iMovie needed!

  5. Leo, Hank is a riot. I don’t know what it is but he makes me laugh. I’m thinking maybe a career in stand up comedy. A father and son comedy act, that’s it. yeah!!

  6. Leo, Loved the Eyes! They spoke louder than words. And I did Laugh out loud. Of course if you were trying to get henry involved and he was sans-pants, you could have always threatened to put him on camera. Those dang kids and their games. Don’t they know we need more computer scientists.
    So, Leo, had Henry already killed you off in that game? And were you just killing time trying to distract him until you could rejoin the game? 🙂
    Big smiles – this is a new format for you – but I was a little taken aback by you having nothing to say – I mean what is the world coming to if Leo Laporte has nothing to say… But you know, in a strange sort of way, the format works; tight head shot, furtive eyes, Henry off camera with the message.
    Keep up the good work my friend; and Henry, start a new game and let your dad play too!

  7. A speechless Leo, never thought I’d see the day. I guess it’s time to use the mac as a teleprompter.

  8. I have a plug-in called WP-FLV, but I don’t think it will convert a video to an FLV since I have to go through a different step with Dreamhost to do that.

  9. You think you’re going to finally ‘find your voice’ after 20 years of broadcasting, Leo? lolGood luck with that : )

  10. Wow I just heard you on net@nite and It was just ridiculous. Your calling Comic book fans mouthbreathers and nerds!? I hope you realize your entire career is playing a nerd on T.V. Leo. Comic books are actually a creative and vibrant medium with a wide spectrum of diverse content. It is one of the true North American art forms and is home to a vast array of creative writers and artists whose talent is clearly beyond your capacity to appreciate. Whether completely uninformed or intentionally condescending your comments have convinced me I no longer wish to support your programming; and as such I have unsubscribed from all twit podcasts. I know it’s just one listener, however I can only vote with my feet.

  11. Is there a way that you can mark your posts that a video is inserted? Youtube doesn’t add their videos into the feeds, and there isn’t a big white space in a post where a video would be obviously missing when reading your posts from the feeds. I’d hate to miss a video for not clicking through to read the original post.

  12. Hey leo – short for words?! I’d never had thought!
    I use http://www.channel-ai.com/blog/plugins/flv-embed/
    wordpress plugins for adding my own .flv videos. Its pretty easy, make the video in imovie, export as something then convert to .flv using a free converter, ftp to server and then just use a code like [flv:filename.flv] in your post and its done.
    I agree, i like having everything local, also my own made flv looks alot better than youtube.

  13. Video host Revver is good, but you have to get paid for ads.
    I think the video quality stays higher on Revver than YouTube. I suppose that’s because they have advertisements in it at the end, but like I said, you get paid for them and you get higher quality video.
    I left a comment on your YouTube video at YouTube.com too by the way!
    Funny video!!!

  14. Oddly enough, I just randomly decided to try video blogging last night too. I just used iMovie to up directly to youtube. I haven’t embedded it yet because I’m trying to figure out the best way to automate this process. I’d rather host them myself. I’ll poke through the links in the comments.

  15. Hmmm, I’ll give my hand a go at trying to automate the process of Youtube recording within WordPress, and Youtube allows you to record video directly from their site… so if I could somehow add that into the WP-Admin Panel, and then it can just grab the code automatically it should work…
    I’ll start working on it tomorrow, but I can’t promise anything. If anyone else can do it (I’m not the greatest with WordPress) then hey, give it a try yourself, you’ll probably do better than me.

  16. I would highly recomment FLV Embed also. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and it’s simple to use. Just upload your flv and jpg (If you want an image) to a directory and poing FLV embed to it.Easy as pie! I can’t make pie, but I heard it was easy to make. :p

  17. Any word on when you’ll do a Zune review? Please forgive me if you have published one already. I haven’t had the time to listen to all 100 of your weekly netcasts. 😉

  18. A good program that I have found that I use to convert one video format to another is visualhub. It has a nice little list of what you can convert to including flv. It is also good for converting videos for the iPhone, iPod, etc.

  19. Leo,You might want to create a static page where you host just the latest Vlog… just a thought. jbb

  20. If you would use Safari for vlogging you could capture directly into blip.tv, which can also post the video onto a wordpress blog automatically. Since they also provide the direct flv download link, a script could be written to download the videos to your server for backup.
    This might be an option in the future, in case noone writes a wp plugin directly.

  21. The Anarchy Media Player Plugin works great and you can host any type of video yourself and tweak the sizes of the players for each format.

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