Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Twittering Again

bird.gif10. I’m not hip enough for Pownce.
9. I’ve finally trained myself to write Twitter instead of TWiTter.

8. Alex King’s Twitter Tools for WordPress mean my Tweets become part of my blog and no longer evaporate.

7. I miss my San Francisco digerati A-list friends.

6. Jaiku is now Gooku and invite only.

5. How else am I going to find out what Merlin is up to?

4. It’s not about functionality, it’s about family.

3. iJustine said she would follow me.

2. All the cool kids are doing it.

and the number 1 reason why I’m Twittering again…

Scoble must be stopped!

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  1. Ah, but only one reason is really necessary. As a mac user, your choice is either some crappy AIR app for pownce, or the beautiful and simple Twitterific by the icon factory. That alone is why I twitter more than I pownce.

  2. It’s genuinely great to see you back on Twitter, Leo. I tried out Jaiku a while ago and while I really like some of its features, your #4 reason hit it right on the head for me: I’m on Twitter because of the community here.
    For what it’s worth though, I use Brett Terpstra’s MoodBlast utility to post to Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, Tumblr, iChat/Adium/Skype all at once:
    It could be a way for you to continue posting in both places. I keep Twitterrific (which has a great new version, by the way) and MoodBlast running both at the same time, and Brett has a new MoodBlast coming with some significant performance enhancements and reduced resources.
    Tech talk aside, it’s great to see you back in the Twitter community.

  3. You realise, of course, that by trying to stop Scoble, you only magnify his power?
    Picture the Emperor from Return of the Jedi:
    “witness the power of this fully operational Scoblestation.”

  4. And here I was the whole time thinking because you were desperate to follow your favourite listener in Singapore ;-).
    I’m a bit agitated though as a Mac user now that Twitterrific shows ads. I’m all for helping developers create beautiful apps, but forcing ads instead of having a paid version seems to rub me the wrong way.
    The alternative is Snitter, but it’s been really buggy and keeps pestering me constantly for my Keychain password (I lock my keychain 24/7 on a Standard Mac account not an Administrator for security reasons). It’s probably a problem with Adobe Air and not with Snook’s fine work though.
    I noticed you’re just posting from the Web for now too. I’m not sure what to do!

  5. Not to be an ass (more so, rather) but any further comments on the reason why you left Twitter in the first place?
    That is, what happened to your concerns about people being confused about TWiT and Twitter?
    Tony Hung.

  6. I’m sorry I should clarify what I meant about Twitterrific. I meant to say that I dislike being told as a user of their software that suddenly I either have to pay or get ads. I could understand if they released a “premium” version, but the way it stands now I’m stuck with version 2.x until I can decide whether or not I want to pay for it.
    There’s always and Camino I guess 🙂

  7. Leo,
    I am 14, and I still you are cool enough to Twitter! When I talk to the Twitter, mostly Biz and Jack, we talk about you a lot, on how you started a Twitter revolution!
    Daniel Brusilovsky
    P.S Thanks for being on Apple Universe again!

  8. I am moving back to Twitter too. I use Twitter for fast posts and Pownce for more in depth posts. The same is ture of my tumblr and wordpress blogs. Tumblr is for fast posts that I may come back to and refine on wordpress.

  9. Moodblast is awesome, David. Thanks for the tip!
    Regarding the IP concerns: I think Twitter and TWiT are sufficiently established brands in different enough spaces that any confusion is now minimal. At least I’m hoping so!

  10. Welcome back to Twitter Leo. You won’t regret becoming a part of the great family of twitter.

  11. Scoble don’t need to be stopped. Look at his stats:
    * Following 6,932
    * Followers 6,892
    A geek celebrity who is following more people than follows him?
    I’m not fluent in lamertalk but I think the appropriate term is luser?

  12. Not enough time in the day for me to even think about using twitter. Going to stick to using this blog for updates on things and leave it at that.

  13. Twitter? I don’t see it’s point at all unless you’re a celeb and want everyone to know when you take a shower etc… Lately it’s all micro blog overdose! It’s too much info about things most people don’t want to or need to know. I deleted pownce, jaiku and twitter as all it seemed to be was a lazy persons email and people always directing you to something on their blog or site. I think the internet is missing it’s point lately, instead of refining and enhancing communication it’s dumbing it down. I’m jumping off the bandwagon.

  14. But…but…but…what about the legal issues with TWiT vs Twitter. What happened there? Wasn’t that the reason you pulled the ejection cord on twitter in the first place?

  15. I signed up for it six months ago and I think I’ve posted four messages.
    After seeing Alex King’s WP plugin, I think I might start using it for the tumblelog.

  16. When you stopped, I stopped, now that your’re on so am I Love what you do to help us Leo! keep it up. Twitterisms again yeah….

  17. Thats so funny that you’re going back to twitter as I was only thinking about this the other day. I used to love the simple updates and being able to make new friends without a lot of effort. Now that you are back I think I will have to come back too…. HAHA!!! Here comes the twit army again!!!!
    Keep up the good work

  18. Well in your absence I have had a ton of fun on twitter. I am very glad to have you back on. Its funny how things that were important and tools change over time. Every tool has its own use and twitter is not going away. I still think pownce is cool and will get cooler once they get their API figured out. Until then I will play with them all 🙂

  19. +1 for MoodBlast2 — it’s awesome. it’s like an Adium/Pidgin for presence sites. Support them all!

  20. Leo, its Fabulous your back. I tried following on Jaiku but it was just a little to many conversations and content in the streams for me. On twitter its a conversation and a link. Easy !
    Good to see you back
    Nik ( Loudmouthman ) Butler

  21. Great to hear this!I actually “heard” about TwiT when you left Twitter…
    I’ve listened to some of your shows since then, and I’m glad to see you back on Twitter! It is the best of its kind! 🙂
    PS: Point 3, 2 and 1 are absolutely hilarious! ;p hehe

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