Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-12

  • Superlative TWiT today: Patrick Norton, Wil Harris, Jerry Pournelle, and Jason Calacanis on Android, Open Social, Facebook, and Digg. Wow! #
  • @scottsimpson – Amazon Subscribe and Save and you’ll never buy a 96-roll pack of tp again. http://urltea.com/22h6 #
  • Calacanis convinced me to stop turning down friend requests on Facebook. As of right now it’s open season. http://urltea.com/22i6 #
  • TWiT is posted and I can go to bed. http://twit.tv/121 #
  • I suppose if you’re going to collect things free fonts are better than antique muffin tins. http://urltea.com/21pk #
  • Top 10 reasons I’m Twittering again: http://urltea.com/22pu #
  • @veronica – OK the Dopplr infomercial the best thing I’ve seen in years. Maholo Daily is now the number 1 show on the web. #
  • I always worry when my tainer says "we’re going to do something a leeetle different." #
  • New show idea: Apple-free TV (or No Mac Radio) – no Apple news all the time. Wonder if AMD would be interested? Must ask Hector tonight. #
  • @chartier once one of your blog comments has been approved the rest are automatic. I get a lot of comment spam. #

9 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-12”

  1. Sorry Leo but I’m removing your blog from my google reader 🙁 I like your blog posts and tech info but I honestly don’t care to read twitter feeds. I follow you for quality content and unfortunately daily twitter feeds are not that. Happy blogging.

  2. How about instead of posting the Twitter feeds to a blog post, add Twitter Tools to the wordpress blog and each time you Tweet, the module/plug-in will be updated.
    This will keep it from aggregating with the rss feeds and still give people the ability to follow you without being overwhelmed.
    Just an idea.

  3. twitter feeds are bizzare.. like indecipherable bits of conversation overheard at a bus terminal.. insides jokes between travelers..

  4. Dave – He already implemented your idea, see “Leo’s Tweets” on the right side of this page.
    I agree that posting them in the body of the blog is redundant, particularly if you already follow him on Twitter.

  5. I keep it in my blog for two reasons:
    1. I actually say interesting things in my tweets from time to time. I consider it a micro-blog and put stuff there when it’s not worth the effort of a full blog post.
    2. Putting them in the body preserves them. One of the reasons I don’t like Twitter and it’s ilk is because the stuff rolls off in a few days and disappears. More and more I consider my blog a journal of my daily life. And this is a great way to capture everything I’m doing.

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