Twitter Updates for 2007-11-09

  • I surrender Twitter. You win. #
  • Cabbing it home, fiberboard award in hand. #
  • @ijustine – I believe it’s in _da_ house. #
  • Headed into my keynote with no slides, no ideas, no notes, and no exit strategy. I should probably announce a run for the presidency. #
  • Why does my blog have a higher Technorati ranking than #
  • What’s all this url linking in tweets. Why in my day… never mind. #

13 Replies to “Twitter Updates for 2007-11-09”

  1. Great to have you back on Twitter – I am sure we are many that are happy about this…
    Looking forward to following

  2. Now I’m really confused. Is this the real you? A half real you? Only real in the eleventh dimension of string theory, but not including the Heisenberg principle?

  3. Agreed, the Twitter feed does not show up well on a 10.4.10 MacBook in Safari either. I could throw Lynx at the thing but somehow thing that that is not a great idea.

  4. It’s great to see you back. I was bamboozled when I saw you starting to Twitter again, because I hadn’t defriended you since you had left months ago.

  5. I just got a Twitter account and love it…JS checkout my Leo review…js

  6. Well for me I will stick with this blog. Don’t have enough hours in the day to follow Leo’s posts all over the place.

  7. ::Why does my blog have a higher Technorati ranking than
    Leo, maybe b/c the hostility and trolls on the TWiT.TV forums gets to be too much for a lot of us?

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