11 Replies to “Radio Tonight”

  1. Leo, we can never get enough of you and your sage advice! Way past my bedtime here in the eastern timezone though and I have 10 hour days this week. Radio Leo feed maybe?

  2. Hey Leo – any news/update on the fate of Net@Nite? I seem to recall that a few weeks ago you posted something about doing a trial run of a modified format, but my faithful aggregator isn’t showing anything new yet. Hope it’s not too far off!

  3. Great hearing you on the Karel Show… as Karel does a Mac segment every first Sunday of the month, perhaps he could have you guest-in every so often?

  4. wow, the host, Karel, proclaimed himself a “Mac Pro”. Very biased towards Mac.
    Kudos Leo for a concise, lucid run down on Leo-pard’s features.

  5. Here you go Leo 😀 You dont read emails so you leave me noooo choice. Heres something hilarious on Youtube for Net@nite. Im too shy to call in. :/ Keep it real home sliiiiice.

  6. Wish i could listen.
    Leo: You have an old net@nite up labeled as Ep 36 (it is actually 35)
    lol, here i was all excited
    good luck on the Karel show
    the formerly dead,

  7. no prob Leo,you are very welcome
    Was a great show btw, nice to hear Amber again 🙂
    the formerly dead,

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