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  1. I’d love to get into Mac but the price difference is more than my budget can handle. I have looked into it many times.

  2. Leo, I think you guys underestimated Leopard on MacBreak Weekly. From what I’ve read, Leopard is much faster than Tiger on Intel machines. I’m not certain about PowerPC Macs, though.
    Have fun!

  3. I am currently having SuperDuper! do a full backup of my Mac, while I also do DVD backups of iTunes, iPhoto, etc. (what can I say, I am paranoid).
    Tomorrow night when I get home from work, Leopard should be waiting on my doorstep ready for installation 🙂
    Let us know how you like it Leo.

  4. I have two questions Leo:
    1. If you upgraded from Tiger, how simple was the upgrade to Leopard?
    2. Will my Firefox Bookmarks and passwords be retained in Leopard after an upgrade?

  5. Please answer the big question: upgrade immediately or wait until the first rounds of updates?

  6. I used the seed of Leo-pard it has good features. Not 300 like people mite think. I will be in line in 20 hrs for mine and my teeshirt. 🙂 Since I have a Macbook with only a 13″ screen Spaces will be the killer feature for me. 6-8 different spaces. for my work. (Web Engineer) Can’t wait to hear Leo’s likes and dislikes with his version of Leo-Pard

  7. Love all your stuff Leo! Love to upgrade to Leopard too but I think I might wait. I depend on Apple’s Pro Apps like Final Cut Studio etc…. and I am worried about bugs with those apps on the new OS. Let us know if you run into any such bugs. Thanks

  8. Whoo hoo,Leopard review on kfi this weekend>?Hope so. Anyway have fun with the new os leo.

  9. I am on leopard right now and all I can say is that it is a nice upgrade. Runs smoother than tiger.

  10. Leo and all tomorrow I may be buying my first Mac, I’m going to start with a Mac mini. Any chance they will release hardware changes with the OS Friday? Also is VM ware fusion the way to go or Boot Camp or Both? Should I up grade my own ram or buy the mini with 2GB ram? Thank you all,

  11. Excellent…if all goes well I will go ahead with that MacBook Pro purchase Ive been putting off for about a year now. My first Mac since like 2000!

  12. Hi Leo, I have one question about Time Machine – can I hook 2 or more drives up (say a USB and two daisy-chained FW800) and then Time Machine utilizes the space across the 3 drives? I have almost 1 TB of media and I don’t feel like having to buy a 2TB drive and dump the other drives I have…

  13. I can’t wait I’ve been a PC boy for over 15 years and Im about to pickup my new iMac this week…

  14. Two machines down, one to go. What a fantastic upgrade experience. Small problems with SuperDuper not being fully compatible with Leopard and for some reason SpamSieve has been disabled. I’m sure things will work out.
    The thought and stories of Vista meant I made the switch to Mac about six months ago. I’m delighted to have.
    Michael, all my email and Bookmarks came across.

  15. I’ve got Leopard pre-ordered, as of right now at 7:00AM, it’s near my house at the Fed-Ex place. However looking at the Apple site, they have removed a couple things. The feature to sync notes with Mail and the iPhone is no longer listed. And I haven’t confirmed this but I read the same about using an external disk over airport. So if two features are gone, I’m wondering if they saving those for later, if it’s just a mistake or if they have been removed because they don’t work. Makes one question…

  16. Well anyone is trying out new software, I just found an amazing Firefox/Safari add on. It takes images in RSS feeds (from Facebook, Google Images, etc) and allows you to open them as a sideshow. Also has a great design! http://www.piclens.com/ They also make Cooliris Preview.
    Doing a great job keeping on top of the technology ages. Waiting for the full review of Leopard.

  17. In 90 Minutes i’ll get my Leopard copy, first time we’ll have something earlier here in Germany..

  18. Is it possible to run another copy of Leopard inside of Parallels running on Leopard?
    I review a new product everyday and my link is in bold and blue at the top!

  19. Man Leo! your lucky to get to play with the new mac os leopard.! Only if there computers are cheaper i would get a mac! 🙂

  20. I bought Leopard only on the rumor month ago that it would be faster on Mac Intel. So I was a bit sadden to not have heard anything about that on Mac Weekly in the last month. I’m hoping I was wasn’t mistaken.
    I feel my iMac Core Duo is more sluggish than it should be. It feels faster under windows.

  21. I’m looking forward to Leopard on both my G5 desktop and my Macbook, however I’m waiting at least two months before I do anything major. Also, I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE upgrade. It may work fine for you, but with so many changed files just bite the bullet and do a reinstall; you’ll probably save yourself some headache.

  22. i went to the apple store at yorkdale mall in toronto for the launchand was impressed with it, yes the time machine does look odd but a neat feature nonetheless, i also liked the finder feature. i have been thinking about a mac mini lately, this has made me want one even more

  23. About 15 mins to go to finish installing the new ‘Cat’ on my old G5. If all goes well, my newer MacBook will be next. See you on the ‘other side’…

  24. Hi Leo!
    Quick ? for you — what happened to the iTunes Podcast of TWiT #119? Got it downloaded from TWiT.TV but I cannot for the life of me get it into the Podcast section of iTunes… not a deal killer, but how would one do that?
    Running Leopard here on an iMac mini 1.5Ghz Single Core with 2GB of RAM… must say it’s definitely faster that Tiger!
    Love the shows and missed it this morning when I did a refresh of the Podcast directories in iTunes.

  25. Looks like there was a slight hold-up with the iTunes Podcast section of the store. Episode #119 was finally listed and downloaded. It showed up just before 10 PM here on the east coast.

  26. I installed Leopard on Friday on my intel aluminum imac and macbook. Awesome features, and I was completely surprised that it works faster than Tiger. I highly recommend Leopard for anyone with a mac.

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