26 Replies to “I Am The Crazy One”

  1. I noticed Doyle Brunson, the poker player, in this ad.He’s great – but did he change the world??

  2. Interesting, as much help as Apple needed to get this ad done, it won’t let others use the copy for charitable purposes. I’m just saying…

  3. I just complained about a bad article about Leo on the TWiT blog. This is the way to do it. Leo sandwiched between Stephen Hawking and Stephen Colbert.

  4. Great mash-up! Joe, depends on how important you think sports figures are, he won the first world series. I’m more concerned with lonelygirl being in it…lol

  5. I like the inclusion of Alton Brown and Darren Brown, 2 geeks that don’t get a lot of attention

  6. That was pretty great…I love that Alton Brown was in there. He doenst get near enough press for what a great teacher and personality he is!

  7. Never thought I’d see a video with Leo, Alton, Adam Savage, Jon Stewart and Steven Hawking…
    Alton is an Apple fanboy btw…

  8. You really diserve your spot in the movie Leo, but maybe they should’ve taken a picture of all the mayor Twit guys surrounding you. Or a scene from the screensavers (which i never saw because i live in europe and i didn’t really watch techy tvshows yet).

  9. When I see something like this, I remember why I became a TwiT fan. You are crazy, Leo, but in the very best way.

  10. The barfed a little in my mouth when I saw Ariana Huffington and Michael Moore.

  11. Alton Brown, Adam Savage, and Leo are my favorite geeks. They cover everything from food to myths to tech 🙂

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