16 Replies to “Pump Me Up”

  1. Uhhh… Leo?
    Do you realize that you uploaded the full 1600×1200 image and anyone can see it by clicking “view image”? Don’t get me wrong; you look… great… Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a pic your PR person would have posted, if you had one.
    PS; Congrats on the weight, pretty good for a geek!

  2. be careful! don’t want to blow anything out right before christmas, and your trip. . .Thought about running for governor? a step up from mayor of leoville.

  3. long time fan leo, but the snot bubble in the picture begs to be photoshoped out……….

  4. Rock on Leo!You gotta’ do it to make it happen – and you’re doing it. Congratulations and good for you!

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