7 Replies to “Ozzy”

  1. That looks like it was taken with the lens Merlin talked about a few weeks ago. It definitely makes for some great looking pictures!

  2. Awww, so cute! And I love the watchful eye – my pup does the same thing when I try to take a pic of her sleeping. Then, if I keep taking shots, she huffs at me and rearranges herself with her back to camera.

  3. Drool!
    I really want one of those (the DSLR, not the dog, I already have two).
    Actually, I want one JUST for the purpose of taking good dog (pug) pictures indoors!

  4. My puppy is to hyper still……but I have a cat that sleeps in a beanbag beside my desk…..he thinks he’s a dog

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