net@nite Update

Amber and I did our first test recording of the new net@nite yesterday and despite a few technical glitches I think we’re ready to go back on the air together.
The new show is going to be similar to the old one with a couple of exceptions. First, it’s no longer going to be live. It’s just too hard to commit to recording it at the same time every week. With a little flexibility it will be easier for us to do it. I’m hoping to record and release the show on Wednesdays, moving MacBreak Weekly back to Tuesday to make room for it. I’m finding that it’s better to release the topical shows on the same day as they’re recorded whenever possible.

The second big change is that I’m hoping to do it as a video show. We tried recording video this week and everything fell apart, but I’m hopeful that the new iChat will make this possible. It supports the very high quality AAC-LD audio codec, the same I use for the radio, and offers video and audio recording.

Amber has retooled the content, as well. The show will still be an hour long, but divided into segments:

  • Web News
  • Best Tech Trick
  • Best Web Idea
  • Best Music Pick
  • Best Web Service
  • Best Video Pick
  • Web Design Pick

We’ll have guests on whenever we’ve got someone we want to talk with, but one bit we’d like to do every week is our pick for Worst Web Idea. We’re hoping we can get the creators of these sites on to defend their pathetic concepts. Should make for some fun.

I’ll post yesterday’s run through sometime this week – it’s a little rough but it’s still entertaining. We hope to begin the video version the first Wednesday in November. We’re just waiting for Leopard to ship. (I’m going down to Cupertino to get a briefing on it next Thursday. If I can get a copy then we’ll do a test show next week.)

Watch for the new net@nite – I think you’ll like it!

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  1. Honestly, the live part made it more interesting. This is sort of disappointing but I get that you two are stretched to thin already.

  2. Looks like things are coming back together, I hope it sticks this time, I understand that things come up and people get busy but I’m hoping that the show will just become part of your weekly schedule. I love Net@Nite and hope it is better then ever before (but no pressure, of course).

  3. Good to hear Leo, I mean personally not one of my favourite of the TWiT shows, but I do enjoy listening to it… I think the new format will be good, and as per Video… you’re on the right track to growth in future for the TWiT network. It needs to get into another medium (video is the only other applicable medium than audio of course). I think it’ll gain listeners/viewers as people focus more on the shows if it’s something they can see and hear, and not just put in the background as they work.
    I look forward to seeing the outcome.

  4. Good to hear. I was afraid it wasn’t coming back. I don’t care if you miss a week here or there (neither will Steve Gibson). Welcome back guys!

  5. I think it’s good you’re moving away from the live stuff. One of the things that constantly frustrated be about net@nite was how you would always say you were going to take a bunch of calls that episode then only do about 2 or 3. I remember there was one episode that was supposed to be an “all call” episode and you didn’t get to the calls until about 30 minutes in. Not to mention that you never really had a format for the calls, so they were just so random (which was fun at times, but made for some strange and boring calls at other times).
    Either way, can’t wait to listen to you and Amber again while driving to and from classes.

  6. Completely understand and I’m looking forward to the “new” show.
    However, I will really miss the live part of it. There was something about the live and lack-of-structure that really made it good. It was just kind of a sit back and hear two techies talk about what they liked the past week that really set it apart from the sometimes too formal shows.

  7. More Leo content. Yay! This time with ‘Amber’. I’m not sure I believe that’s her name. Is she a performance artist?

  8. I can selfishly say that I never listened to it live since I couldn’t. I am so HAPPY that the podcases will be back! I like hearing you two together! Woo hoo!

  9. The live concept was cool, but the audio quality was terrible. I unsubscribed from net@nite because I could barley understand what anyone was saying! I do hope the new format works well and keeps the original spirit of the show intact.

  10. Great news, Hopefully, the new format will allow Amber and yourself to continue doing the show for a long time!!
    Thank you, Thank you, Amber & Leo!

  11. I’m looking forward to the new episodes! But I hope you’ll continue to provide an audio-only version (my iPod won’t play video).

  12. Sounds like a good refresh – keep the good, toss what wasn’t working or adding much. Plus making things easier for you – that’s important!
    Being live doesn’t make that much sense in this age where we time-shift everything to listen to when we want. So it all sounds good and I’m looking forward to it!

  13. This is great news Leo, I enjoyed it being live, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s live or not. Just as long as I get to listen to you and Amber talk about the latest in tech.
    Good Luck with the new setup, I’ll be sure to listen.

  14. Great you are back–but you can’t move MacBreak–Steve just posted his letter about iPhone apps on Wednesday. I know it’s because he wanted you guys to see it and talk about it on Thurs!!

  15. Does this mean you won’t be putting out the audio feed on this show anymore? I really hope you do. My computer’s too old and slow to watch video on, and I’d hate to miss this show.

  16. I really miss Amber’s web workshops. I wouldn’t mind seeing that as part of net@nite. By the way, is the show name going to change again?

  17. For someone living in the UK, midnight on Sunday wasn’t a time I was going to online that often. Pre-recording the show makes no difference to me.
    Just as long as you two have fun and it comes through it’ll be great

  18. Great that your getting back to the show. It does sound a little like commandN with Leo and Amber. However that could be a good thing

  19. If you are doing a video podcast can you also supply an audio version? An hour is a long time to sit at the computer and my nano does not take video.

  20. A good start for worst web site would be Guy Kawasaki’s Truemors site.
    He’s got his pitch about how he tested the concept with a $12K development cost. So it’s the story of the cheap, bad idea vs. the expensive, supposedly good idea and which succeeds more often.

  21. Great news about the return of net@night. The live aspect was nice but I don’t think it will be missed that much as many of the calls weren’t that interesting and/or difficult to hear anyway. I’d rather just hear Leo and Amber ramble for an hour anyway 🙂

  22. …and the last few weeks I thought I might have a shot at being the new host…….Amber has way more hair than me though…….I think the video idea is a good one…..

  23. I’m really glad to hear nat@night’s coming back on. I was sad when it went on hiatus.
    Whole hour of video is quite a lot though? I hope the video just adds extra to it and isn’t a wholly necessary part of it.
    Good luck, I’ll be tuning in.

  24. Are you considering changing the name back to Inside the Net?
    I think that would be an excellent title for the new format.

  25. This is great to hear Leo. N@N is great and I love the wonderful relationship that you and Amber have. Looking forward to the new format!

  26. I’ve been experiencing net@nite withdrawal. Can’t wait to listen/watch the new show! Adding video sounds like a great idea, especially with Leopard’s uber amazing iChat.

  27. I hope that the both of you find the time to bring net@night back it not the same without you on the air once a week, it a great show love listening to it once week. Great that your busy better than sitting on your hand Hope to Hear you both soon.

  28. I’m listening to the show right now. I guess it was just released tonight. I’ve missed the show. Great job! I’m looking forward to the video version soon!

  29. Hey Amber and Leo!I’m glad your bringing the show back with Amber. I actually met Amber the other day at the CMA Conference at the Guvernment – I recommend she look into “GrooveShark” – a new music retail site selling user ripped tracks. If you can I think you should have a look at it, and then talk about it on the show!
    FYI – I am not affiliated with their site – I just love DRM free music.

  30. Hey Amber and Leo !! So glad you are bringing the show back…you are my favorite pod cast by far. BTW…can someone please tell me how I submit a web url/idea for the show. I’m not sure if I can submit a shameless plug in this forum or not…would prefer to go through the proper process…thx !!!!

  31. So will I get the video feed for the new show as I subscribe to the radio leo feed in itunes – or will I only get the audio one? Will I need to subscribe to the video feed seperately? Will I then get both?

  32. Looking forward to hearing it. Love Amber and her views, I miss her being with you on the show, thanks for the hard work on all the podcasts
    John Buffam

  33. Thanks Leo for using our service!! You and Amber have been a significant factor in the early growth and success of TalkShoe and our team will be forever grateful. Best of luck with the new format, and be sure to stop back now and then.

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