11 Replies to “Two New California Affiliates”

  1. Congrats again, Leo!! I live in a small town so it’ll probably be awhile before I get it here! I still have the web though.

  2. Leo, congratulations! 🙂 My Mom, her husband and my kid brother’s family live in San Diego – I’ll be sure to hip them to your TECH GUY goodness.
    Any chance of your show showing up in Central NY where I live?

  3. SWEET!! I’ve been emailing AM 600 KOGO for some time now requesting The Tech Guy be added to their lineup. Granted I can pickup AM 640 from Orange County, 600 comes in much better as I live in San Diego.

  4. Speaking of St. Louis, I agree – Leo, you should see if KMOX (1120 AM) will broadcast you. It’s pretty much the AM powerhouse in the midwest. They used to have another computer show . . . but it was stupid so they took it off the air.

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