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  1. I like Leo’s foreshadowing of New Media. Awesome.
    “The concept of a television network is going to dissolve. What does it mean to be NBC when you can broadcast your own shows over the web to everybody? 500 channels? Forget it. There are going to be 500,000 channels.”

  2. Wow. This video is very well produced. And Leo you were definitely right on.

  3. How right you were Leo! It is kind of amazing to look back and see how far the technology has progressed. I mean “A whopping 1 Gigabyte Hard drvie!” can now fit on a key chain! Excellent Video Leo, thanks for sharing it.

  4. I had forgotten how much emphasis we placed on specs in those days. Nowadays its only how big is the hard drive and how much memory does it have and even those will soon be irrelevant.I would also be fun to compare the Apple box of 11 years ago to the Apple box of today, just from a size perspective.

    First Leo congrats,you were bloody well bang on on all of your predictions…time will further validate you.
    Second that taskes me back that Kravitz album was rarely off my (shudder) turntable
    and you and i both looked like kids (relatively speaking) in 96

  6. I want that PDA. Holly crap that thing was chunky! Who’s pocket was that made for?
    Great video though. It’s when I see stuff like this that I realize how far we’ve come and how impressive our advances our (and come to think of it, there ARE a bunch of laptops that aren’t much bigger than that PDA, so I guess Leo’s right on).

  7. Pretty good foreshadowing of YouTune itself Leo.
    I was waiting for you to talk into the Newton like Scotty in the Star Trek Movie – “Hello Computer”
    BTW, on a related note, I was at a conference two years ago on internet video and a network guy said that we’ll still want networks to program content because they will be able to sort through the huge variety of content and show us the best and organize it for us. What a laugh.

  8. Whoa… who is that handsome young dude? Leo must have been only thirty-something back then. Time flies…
    Plus the hardware looks so ancient! It looks much older than 11 years. The olden days were really backwards.

  9. That is a very good video. It’s interesting to see a video like that, and see how accurate most of the information is today. It’s a true testament to the knowledge of an individual when you can look back 10+ years and see that not only could they see what was coming, but see it so clearly. Top Draw!

  10. Excellent and very prescient.
    It made me think again about the 1990 documentary by Douglas Adams “Hyperland”

    I remember seeing Hyperland when it came out on the BBC and it made a big impact on me. Still fascinating.

  11. you realize that you could probably make a serious patent case against the iphone with this?? i’ll get a team together… we’ll take Jobs for all he has! 😉

  12. Wow again. Very cool video and AOL used to be the one for chats. Technology changes so fast now, you can’t keep up…

  13. OK…I cant believe I just heard Leo talking over a Phish song. I feel like the guy who discovered chocolate and peanut butter…its all downhill from here!

  14. Maybe this is where the iPhone frustrations come from? The iPhone’s design looks a wee bit similar to the Newtown brandished by Leo. It is eleven years after that clip and Leo was so close to having in the iPhone the computing platform he imagined and described in 1996.
    I agree with a few remarks from last night on MBW that are iPhone-related. Apple has to decide whether the iPhone is just a phone or a computing platform. Balance might then be restored to The Force. If it is just a phone then really shouldn’t the way forward be the resurrection of the Newton in some sort of new form perhaps?

  15. Wow. Leo’s like a billion years old. Not really, but I worry that soon he’ll be confused by technology like RFID and other stuff that’s coming. (Kidding…Leo is king.)

  16. Wow! Everything you said was/is so true, Leo. Awesome job. Wonderful piece…yeah, the wig was gray back then too!

  17. Man I just had an awesome idea… I’ll get my hands on a time machine, fine the Leo of the 90’s , and show him my modern laptop, and an iPhone…
    Then I’ll sell my laptop to Microsoft, put all the money in my childrens saving account of the time, and by now I should have loads of interest.
    I am so cool. But seriously, Leo, you’re ideas of what computers would be like today are very true… I mean “500,000 channels”, definately so, Podcasting, uStream/Stickam/Other, Shoutcast/Icecast… Also small digital devices being as powerful as computers from 1999 even being connected wirelessly. Bang on the buck.

  18. Great video.
    I wasn’t a Mac guy back then (Still not today), but I remember going to Fry’s in 96 after saving for months to buy a Pentium 120 and a matching motherboard for my first, true home-built PC. Matched with my 28k modem, and Windows 95, I was exploring the world wide web.
    You nailed all the predictions. Now if only we had invested in Google, Amazon, Yahoo and all the rest back in 96!

  19. Wow, Leo – usually, this far back, predictions like this are very hit or miss, worse if you’re Dvorak (sorry, had to.)
    All of your assertions in this hold up amazingly well.

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