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  1. Isn’t this like heaving some poorly thought insult at someone a week after losing the fight? “Yeah, about that fight last week, go take a short walk off a long pier.” I love the never-say-die attitude, though.

  2. OK, I know where you stand on this Leo. But honestly, did anyone actually think that Apple would not release a patch to “correct” unlocking?
    This is the same Apple that locks iTunes to IPods. Who gets a share of the monthly revenues from ATT. Who won’t let OS X run on a Dell.
    Yes, it sucks. But that’s the deal: you want the iPhone, you’re stuck with the deal that Apple cuts with the carriers.
    (But the faux-commercial is pretty funny.)

  3. This is like hanging around the keg when the beer runs out. Apple’s going to give us a new keg soon (Leopard). Until then, I’d rather stare are spinning ballerinas. Do you have any more of those, Leo?

  4. Boo hoo, I hacked my phone and I was dumb enough to update it. Now it is bricked and it is all Apple’s fault! Waaaaa, waaaaa.
    If you drop your iPhone in the toilet, it isn’t Apple’s fault that the iPhone isn’t waterproof. The phone’s software was damaged by the unlocking hack. The damage became severe by applying the 1.1.1 update. An possibility that people were warned about by the very update they applied. People don’t stop being idiots because they buy an iPhone.
    Stop whining already!

  5. Whine whine whine… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very funny.
    I am constantly amazed by people’s ability to slap together great parodies in double quick time.

  6. Apple does not ‘lock iTunes to iPods’.Either can be used together or independently.
    They work best together? Well duh.
    God, Leo’s site (and show) are becoming the town square for people who shouldn’t be allowed within restraining order distance of an iPhone.
    Have fun with your 20th century Centros.

  7. “Hi…I hacked my iPhone and decided to update it even though there were plenty of warnings before updating the phone, even the one that was shown to me before I updated the phone during the update process, but I did it anyway and I’ll be darned it “bricked” my phone”
    Gee…more whining for not being smart….yawn…

  8. GQB,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does iTunes synch with any other player? You can use iTunes as a music player, but can you sync a Sensa to it?

  9. I can understand why “techy” folks don’t like the locked iphone……but didn’t Apple give everyone exactly what they siad they would? Didn’t the iPhone do what Apple said it would and wouldn’t do?

  10. Now, that is funny.
    Ok, what I would like to see, is a poll, how many people who installed the iphonedev patch are going to do it again?
    Thanks Leo, you made my day.

  11. Here’s perhaps a better analogy that I’ll throw-out there, Leo.
    You go to your local car dealer. Let’s say it’s a GM dealer. You decide to purchase a vehicle that day. You’re not explicitly given information — that there are conditions that apply to the vehicle, namely the company for which you purchase the gas to power said vehicle.
    So you’re driving along, and you stop to get gas at your local Amaco station. You happily fill up, and you get into your car. But wait! For some strange reason, the car won’t start! Oh no! You can’t drive anywhere! Useless!
    Somewhere along the line, you discover that GM signed a contract with BP gas, and that in order for your car to continue functioning — you must purchase gas from BP gas stations only. If you did not purchase gas from BP, then your car will be remotely made unusable.
    I guess that’s one that might sink-in for some, a little more than the cow analogy.

  12. Oh, but wouldn’t it be funny too if car manufacturers actually did this for those who put those obnoxious wheels/rims on their vehicles? Or a big pin-stripe with a huge whale spoiler? Or glass packs that make your ‘burner go brrrrrrrrooom…
    Actually though, I might be all for that to retain some level of dignity in aesthetic. But I wouldn’t be too hip on a manufacturer telling me which aftermarket carborator to install in my engine — especially if it makes my car run more efficiently than the company’s own specs.

  13. Kevin ,
    Yes itunes does sync to other players. i can’t speak about the sansa directly, but it used to sync to my creative nomad just like an ipod does in itunes.
    that was a few versions ago, but i weould assume that it still does.

  14. If I bought a PC. A new one with Windows. I wiped the Hard drive and loaded Linux. Much better PC. If Microsoft or the PC manufacturer could then come along and make my Computer useless, I could put Windows back on it or search for a way to unlock my motherboard or buy a new PC but until I did any of that I wouldn’t have to read the Apple fan boy/apologists comments on Leo’s blog.
    Of course I could just watch TV. The Bionic Woman is pretty good but oh wait my TV is a Sony and they have a deal with Cable but I would rather have satellite so my TV won’t turn on anymore. Wow.

  15. Frank,
    Thanks for the correction. Now I can get that Zune I’ve dreamed of 🙂
    OK, so forget about what I said about the iPod and iTunes being locked, but I pretty sure the OS X on a Dell thing can’t happen. Right? Because I know Michael Dell really wants to run OS X on his computers. I think he’s said so.

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