7 Replies to “One More Shot of BC Place”

  1. Hey Leo, totally unrelated but what’s up with the podcasts from last weekends Tech Guy? For me and three other friends they won’t download on itunes and keep getting a 404 on the twit site? itunes keeps giving an error even after deleting and re-subscribing. I’m bummed I couldn’t listen this week 🙁

  2. Need them side by side but still very cool and not blue like the iPhone… Also tonight using a friends iPhone camera I opened the camera app holding the phone facing down on a red cloth, then moved the phone up and around and everything had a redish color to it, (like the blueishness of your shot) I went home and back into camera mode while holding the iPhone at the person and it was normal… I wonder if the camera app color calibrates on launch? Didn’t think of it until now, did you hold it near anything blue launching it? Im curious! Blue pants?

  3. p.s. I mean went home like i pushed the home button, this was seconds apart from red to relaunch to normal.

  4. I’ve noticed that the tech guy podcasts give an error right after they post. I usually check back for them the next day and they download fine.

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