This Is Your Brain…

Are you right-brained or left-brained? Look at the picture of the dancer.


According to the Australian Herald Sun, if she seems to be spinning counter-clockwise you’re left-brained. Clockwise is right-brained. Some people can choose. Not me, I’m way right brained.

(From another fine Pownce post from Daniel Burka.)

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  1. Apparently I am left brained, hmmm thats interesting. I wonder does this have anything to do with what your dominant hand is? I happen to also be left handed, which (or so I’m told) means I use the right hand side of my brain, so there’s obviously some conflicting information.

  2. are you sure the image isn’t just changing it’s spin after so many rotations? sometimes it’s spins ccw, sometimes it spins cw but i can’t choose. where’s the proof!?!?

  3. woops it turns out it was going clockwise at first for me, but I am able to make it switch at will, which is pretty nifty. I must have some brain power

  4. Wow, I can make it turn to any direction! Does this make me a freak-bothsided-brained’?

  5. OK initially I’m left-brained, but by concentrating enough I was able to make her turn clockwise. That probably explains why I greatly enjoy artsy things like photography even though I am also a sicentist.

  6. I can see it both ways. It’s a bit weird though. I have to focus real hard to get it to switch and then it just kinds “pops” and changes up.

  7. It all depends on how you define clockwise. If you look at her from the top, she is turning clockwise. If you view her from the bottom, she is turning counter clockwise.
    This may be more of a test of how you view women than if you are right or left brained ;-0

  8. I’ve also managed to get it to switch both ways. Fascinating stuff.
    By the way, for those suspecting it’s just “a really long animated GIF”…. I opened up the file in Fireworks, and it consists of only 34 frames, set to repeat indefinitely. Once the dancer completes one rotation, you’ve viewed the entire animation.
    Whether she spins left or right is all in your head.

  9. I opened up the gif and there are 34 frames in this gif .. all of them define one full rotation … so it is up to your brain
    at first I was way way right brained and it frustrated me that i couldnt see it with my left brain till i figured out the trick
    what i did was focus on just her legs for a few seconds and when she is spinning CW.. and her leg thats off the ground is in front of the pivot … i would tell myself that is behind
    and when the leg is behind the pivot leg … and i would tell my brain it is in front .. kept saying that for a few seconds till i could see it spinning CCW
    it would help if you scroll down to hide her upper body and just focus on the legs

  10. Wow, Yazan, awesome comment. I couldn’t get her to go anyother direction than clockwise till I read your post. Guess thats cheating though, left to my own I just saw clockwise.

  11. I can see both directions, when I first saw her she was spinning CCW, but if I look away for a couple of seconds, she is spinning CW…does this make me mid-brained?

  12. When I first saw it, it she was going ccw. I was able to make her switch directions after a little work. Now I can make her go either way. With a little practice, I can get her to turn 1/2 revolution and then back again 1/2 revolution the other way (either facing me or facing away from me).

  13. Just remember this was published on a southern hemisphere website so everything here spins the other way. So people in the northern hemisphere the results are really the opposite of the what you actually see 🙂

  14. She started clockwise, the flipped when I scrolled the image down to read the next post in the feed. I can’t “make” her change directions just by looking, but if I turn my head up side down and slightly defocus, she’ll change directions when facing directly towards/away from me. Weirdly cool.

  15. wow…at first it was defiantly counter-clockwise and i couldn’t figure out how anyone would see otherwise. then after starring at her foot, it switched. now i can’t make it go back!

  16. I think this was on diggnation a couple episodes ago. Yeah I looked at the 34 pictures as well and the bottom foot pretty much messes with your head and you can trick yourself and get her to spin either direction.
    I think the 3d pics (stereograms) were a rage almost 20 years ago.

  17. Yeah, jccalhoun is right, this is just an optical illusion, nothing to do with which side your brain works.

  18. Whoa. Seriously. It seems my brain is ambidextrous (ambilobed?) because I can see her going clockwise and then counterclockwise, but I can’t change it up at will. I look at it – clockwise. OK. Then I scroll on the page and come back to it and … counterclockwise.
    Very cool. Thanks for posting it.

  19. I was looking at it, and firt saw it counterclockwise. Then, for about five seconds, it didn’t look like it was turning (as if it was flat–you know what I mean). Then, it looked as if going clockwise. I closed my eyes, and when I re-opened them, it looked as if going clockwise again.
    That’s amazing!

  20. Try looking away and using your peripheral vision. Time the rotations and try to imagine how it will look like if it were rotating in the direction you what. Then try to ease back looking at it.

  21. I tried for 20 minutes to see if I can get it to turn counter-clockwise for me but I guess I’m too right brained.

  22. Both for me. Look away and tell yourself its going one way and it spins that way – for me anyway.

  23. I’m glad I came to the site rather than just viewing on my iPhone (it didn’t move at all on the iPhone). However I too started seeing it spinning clockwise… then, as I started to scroll down the page it changed and turned counter clockwise….

  24. I seem to be able to switch at will, sometimes causing her to rotateonce each direction, but I agree the feet/legs are the key to doing that. Very Cool!

  25. For me, she spins one way for awhile and then slows down and starts spinning the other way! What the heck does that mean, lol?! 😉

  26. I saw it clockwise originally and I believe clockwise is the natural motion. Her spin looks unnatural counterclockwise. On top of all of this, the shadow at the bottom of the page indicates that her foot is in the foreground. If the light is coming from behind her, the shadow would show her leg as well. If the light was in front of her, the shadow would appear behind her.
    Take a look.

  27. She turns both ways at random, i saw this pic last night and noticed that if you watch it the whole animation changes its not just you “Thinking” that shes changing direction

  28. Help! She started clock-wise for me, then i changed it to counter clock-wise and she won’t go back. I don’t want to be stuck left-brain for the rest of my life.

  29. As usual, I can’t make up my mind 🙂
    At first she was spinning clockwise, but I concentrated for a bit and I managed to see her going counter clockwise. Does this mean I have good spatial judgement but can’t figure out where I am?

  30. I can now get to do somersaults. Does that count for something? Heh .. heh ..

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