Google Buys Jaiku

Google acquires JaikuGreat news for Jyri and Petteri and the Jaiku team – Google has just bought the company.
This is so well deserved – the Jaikus have been working so hard and have created a superior product.

Google already owns Dodgeball – but Jaiku has so many additional cool features. I presume this means a native Jaiku client on the GPhone?

And you can continue to follow me on Jaiku at

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  1. I saw Jyri talk in London last week, such a smart, likeable guy. This is great news – let’s hope Google is good to them!!

  2. Given there’s a native Jaiku client on Symbian Series60 (runs great on my N95), I would expect first-class integration on GPhone to be pretty much a sure thing.

  3. Oh man another bites the dust. Google will end up stripping it down, slapping the Google brand on it and add a huge banner ad on top of it.
    On the brighter side it’s really good news for the makers of Jaiku. CHA-Ching

  4. There are already rumors starting that Yahoo is going to buy Twitter now. Although I still think that Twitter is a better service, Jaiku would be much easier to monetize with Google Ads, there are more people that actually visit the website, with Twitter most people just use their phone, that’s a little bit harder to monetize.

  5. I signed up for Writely, and Google bought them. I signed up for GrandCentral, and Google bought them. I signed up for Jaiku, and Google bought them. I see a pattern developing here. If anyone has a web service that they’d like to sell to Google, let me know. I’d be happy to join up for a small commission. 🙂

  6. @Michael – agreed about Twitter. Twitter took on a whole new life for me once I got my iPhone. Plus between Twitter’s Mobile versions, its variants (Hahlo, Pockettweets, Thincloud, etc) and Twitterific on the desktop (for OSX) there are alot of options to sending ‘Tweets. I rarely, if ever go to

  7. Man.. I haven’t actually used my Jaiku in months… It was just getting too much to update everything and they still don’t have a US shortcode like Twitter does.
    Plus, it doesn’t have the cool API apps like Twitter does.

  8. Yeah…. I saw this earlier and was like “cool for them!” I still like Jaiku the best over twitter and pownce. I rarely post to pownce. I post to both twitter & jaiku @ once using imified (which I love) because it’s not all the same contacts/friends in my case. Kudos to Jaiku on this google thing.

  9. Adam,
    That’s not necessarily true. For example, Jaiku already has penetration in the WordPress community due to two plug-ins which use Jaiku’s API. You can both display and post directly from or to Jaiku using those plug-ins.
    Leo’s ‘Content Stream’ in his right sidebar here on Life of Leo also makes use of the API (though, for some reason I can’t see his Jaikus on my end). This is a Flash example of displaying your Jaikus through the API.
    Search for WordPress plug-ins created by Douglas Karr, and Rick Measham — both of which offer a great system. Rick’s appears to support location, but Doug’s supports Cache (which is a good thing).
    And now that Google acquired them — I’m sure we’ll see additional development pop in some interesting ways.

  10. “And now that Google acquired them — I’m sure we’ll see additional development pop in some interesting ways.”
    Oh sure. That worked well with dodgeball, huh?

  11. I don’t know, Dave. I heard MS bought Dodgeball, and they couldn’t necessarily figure out where the synergy was… And then Ballmer just jumped up and down, throwing balls everywhere, screaming very loudly.

  12. Anyone with a invite, fire it over to ht.texture (at)

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