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  1. Miro looks kewl. I am going to have take a look. (And get more eps of “The Lab With Leo”)

  2. I’ve been using Miro for a little while now. It’s great, all my show direct download and torrent feeds are there (Audio and video).
    Though, the integrated player isn’t great. Sounds rough 🙁

  3. Unfortunately, it’s not HD despite the HD logo. 656×368.
    I guess the new thing is to call 16:9 content, HD.

  4. I feel so honored to have brought this to Leo’s attention. I was so glad to see his show on this program as a featured show. This is one way to get his show into the states.

  5. Yeah I was wondering. Even though we shoot it in HD no one broadcasts it that way. So this is an “unofficial” torrent.

  6. I’m very glad to see this even if it’s “unofficial”. I watched an episode and of course loved it. I’d pay for it if it were on iTunes or wherever I could download it.

  7. Fantastic! It’s a shame that it isn’t available on iTunes because I would (as many others, no doubt) gladly buy a season pass. It’d be great.
    Keep up the great work Leo!

  8. Miro channel search leaves a fair bit to be desired. To find this show I first searched for the ‘The Lab’ – nothing. Then I searched for ‘Leo Laporte’ – nothing. I finally found it by searching ‘Laporte’. Not too smart.

  9. Leo,
    How did you go from being a Featured show to not having any Lab content on there anymore in just 4 days? Did your post here bring it to a lawyers attention who made it come down?
    Disappointed Fan

  10. Cool, but i can’t find it. 🙁 I’ve tried searching the lab, laporte and things like that.
    Does anyone know if it’s been taken down? Or how i might find it?

  11. They get the “Lab with Leo” torrents from HDbits.org, there Hi-Def torrents site only, there on a private beta right now, invite only, and there going to stay that way forever by the looks of things. Miro is great, it’s just a huge memory hog on Windows, or maybe it’s just me.

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