Three More Days To Book Your Hotel For Blog World

Join Me at Blog World ExpoBlog World is coming up in Las Vegas November 8-9. I’m told I’m giving a talk on “The Cult of the Blog” Friday at 10:15a and many fellow TWiTs including Alex Lindsay and Scott Bourne will also be presenting.
If you were planning on attending, hurry up and book your hotel. The Blog World hotel discounts expire Friday. See you there!

7 Replies to “Three More Days To Book Your Hotel For Blog World”

  1. LeoAny chance you can shoot some footage with the sd5? Would like to see it posted perhaps through as youtube(flash) looks bad.

  2. Hey, if Scott iPhone Bourne (or iBourne for short) will be there, I’m coming.
    Will Leo and iBourne have a debate or wrestling match of any kind?

  3. Hey Leo is there any reason why Scott hasn’t been on TWiT? He was on two episodes but one was only for like 1 minute and the other was “Netcast Expo” so there wasn’t really much talk of tech news.I wonder how he’d be on TWiT.

  4. I attended this event and looking forward for this year's event. Are there any confirmed dates yet?

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