What if…

What if you bought a computer that you couldn’t install any of your own applications on? (Stupid, I know, but what if?)
What if that computer required you to sign up for two years Internet service with one particular company, and prohibited using any other ISP? (Not that the ISP subsidized the price or anything – the computer wasn’t cheap.)

What if some bright guys came along and figured out how to install your own applications on the computer? And then showed you how to choose your own ISP? You’d do it, right? I mean, why not, it’s your computer. But wait.

What if the company that made the computer sent down an update that checked to see if you had installed your own applications and deleted them if so?

What if that same update checked to see if you were using the required ISP, and if you weren’t turned the computer into a useless, unfixable, piece of glass and plastic?

Would you ever buy a computer from that company again?

Would you ever trust a company like that again?

Addendum: Some Apple and cell phone customers seem to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, so let me put it another way.

Let’s say you’re selling me a cow. You tell me that that cow is being sold for the express purpose of making milk. I agree, and buy the cow.

Later I decide that I’d prefer to make cheese. You say that’s a violation of our agreement and kill my cow.

When I paid for the cow it became my property, to do with as I please. If you don’t like how I’m using it you may choose not to do any further business with me but you don’t get to kill my cow.

And, by the way, warning me you’d kill my cow if I keep making cheese doesn’t make it all right.

The lawyers will point out that contractually I agreed to your terms. True. But I don’t think the contract said anything about killing the cow did it?

Apple’s sole redress is to halt all support of my phone. If we let Apple destroy our property for not following the rules we’re telling the music industry it’s ok to destroy a hard drive containing illegal songs, the cable company to fry our TVs for stealing cable. That is vigilante justice and a direct threat to the rule of law.

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  1. Sorry. I meant @Jim G.
    What are you talking about? If you are using the phone according to the rules then of course you will receive updates.

  2. The fact is, anyone who bought an iPhone knew those were the terms before they bought the phone.
    They made an agreement — a contract — with Apple that they would use the phone as it was intended to be used. They broke that contract, not Apple. They ended that relationship, not Apple.
    Apple hasn’t betrayed anyone. Not only did they not maliciously “brick” the phones, they WARNED everyone beforehand, and the installer itself warned, in BIG BOLD TYPE, that if you had “hacked” your iPhone, chances were the update would cause the phone to stop working. It then offered them the chance to say “no thanks” to the update and continue using their modified phones — phones they had modified only after breaking the contract they had entered into with Apple.
    Apple provided the update to its customers to improve their phones — something Apple agreed to do in exchange for a continuing stream of revenues from the phone. If you hacked your phone to go with another carrier, you’re no longer sending money Apple’s way, and Apple has no obligation to provide improvements to the phone that you got and then broke the contract.
    Being pissed at Apple for “bricking” phones is like suing a 7-11 after you steal a sandwich that gives you food poisoning.

  3. Yes, it’s your technology and you can do whatever you please with it but why would you complain when they update the software to add features to the phone? What should Apple do? Call every person who has bought an iPhone and ask “In what way have you modified your phone? We’re very concerned that everything you’ve done might get broken in our next update and even though you clearly didn’t understand the limitations of the device in terms of carrier and allowed applications, we really want to make all of your tinkering work.” Your viewpoint here is just ignorant. Did Apple’s update specifically search your phone to see if you added applications? Did it specifically search your phone to ensure you were using the right carrier? Or did it just replace the entire operating system and in doing so make all of the cracks break? I’m guessing it did the latter. Please, a little less grandsta nding.

  4. What if…
    What if people like you stopped whining all the time and got a life?
    What if people actually wrote informative articles instead of irrational hogwash like this?
    What if you married a woman knowing exactly who she was but wanted her be be something different and then bitched because everytime you tried to change her she refused and stayed the way she was?
    Everyone knew what they were buying when they bought the iphone, No one tricked them. If they wanted something other than the iphone they shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.
    I have an iphone and every day I’m more amazed at how well it works. I know that over the course of time there will be updates that will improve it. I bought the iphone for what it is, not for what I wanted it to be.

  5. Hmmm.
    It’s more like, Apple sets up a barn, and asks everyone to bring their cow in. The barn has a huge sign that reads “DON’T BRING IN YOUR COW IF YOU’RE MAKING CHEESE OR IT WILL DIE.”
    In other words, once you hack or unlock your phone, it’s no longer supported by Apple. It’s supported by the people who develop the hacks, and you should turn to them for updates. Of course, you can always reset your phone and return the fold should you so please (at least for apps – unlocking is more complicated I’m sure).
    That said, I think third-party development for the iPhone is essential and eventually will come (just a much more controlled format). Apple would have to be very stupid not to allow this in some form.

  6. What if a company worked for years to develop a revolutionary smart phone?What if that company had to ally with a cell-phone carrier to deliver optimal services to their customers?
    What if that phone was in a barely post-beta configuration, where experience with the system was low and willingness to countenance disruptions of the OS minimal?
    What if you had plans to progressively open up your phone to developers as your confidence and experience in your OS and device increased?
    What if, then, some clever wireheads with too much time on their hands cracked the phone and began altering the innards to an increasingly aggresive degree?
    What if, before you knew it, your phone was now channeling T-Mobile, in direct violation of your lucrative contract with ATT?
    What if, at the same time, you were negotiating contracts with the rest of the WORLD’s cell phone companies, all of whom wanted assurance that you could lock down your side of the business?
    What would you do?

  7. I.e., they’re a COMPANY in BUSINESS to make MONEY for their shareholders. They are bound by law to do so. They’re not your best friend or your mom, and Steve Jobs is just the CEO, not a totalitarian strongman. Get over it; it’s just a phone.

  8. What if I was the first person to figure out how to milk a cow and patented the process?
    And then sold you a cow and a license to use my process only if you agreed to not make cheese?

  9. Wooh way to go leo on the FSJ love – personally I’m getting sick of Daniel Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs) all his blog seems to be doing now is ‘bashing’ the hell out of others – I liked it when he made witty, interesting and in-depth blog posts.
    Now it just contains a lot swearing oh well we can now go out and buy his new book, priced at just $15.61…

  10. Leo – let’s step back a second. Do we know that Apple deliberately bricked the phones? Or was it the hack that bricked them?
    I can’t see a good financial motivation for doing so, given that each working phone represents 2 years of revenue. The best case would have been restoring the phone to factory state – and it would have avoided easy to predict negative PR. The only upside I can see is that it will make people suspicious of any future unlocking.
    For what it’s worth – the 2 year contract and inability to change networks is precisely why the iPhone isn’t for me, much as I’d love the hardware.
    As for the metaphor – the problem is that you didn’t buy a Cow, you bought a contract to produce milk. Even if you had to buy your own Cow first to get the contract. And the terms of the contract were that you only use your Cow to do what Apple say you’re allowed to do.
    The fact that the iPhone and iPod touch CAN do so much more is moot.
    Eventually I suspect Apple will need to compete with Smartphones, but at the moment that market is miniscule compared to competing with the RAZR or Chocolate – which is where this device is really aimed.

  11. I’m a regular listener of MBW, TWiT & Tech Guy and I think I’m just going to stop listening for a month or so. The last two weeks have been non-stop bitching about Apple & Leo’s iPhone. Alright already – I think the most casual listener has got it figured out that Leo’s pissed and is planning on whining for, apparently, the rest of eternity about Apple.
    OK, some teeny tiny percentage of iPhone owners who apparently didn’t understand the deal when they bought their phone are now staring at blank screens – BFD – surely there’s SOME other tech news besides that going on. This week’s edition of MBW was about 80 minutes out of 82 minutes one long snarky comment about 1.1.1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GIVE IT A REST. The other 99.8% of iPhone users, judging from the people I run into still proudly showing off their iPhone to anyone who’ll sit still, seem perfectly content.
    I’m not even going to go into the flaws in Leo’s analogy re: the dead cow – they’re significant & display pretty much total lack of understanding of Apple’s business and legal situation.
    Leo – please get rid of your iPhone and get on that waiting list for the Zunephone – I’m sure you’ll be much happier.

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  13. Gee, if I had an iPhone, and I bricked it because I did something that Apple and/or ATT didn’t want me to do, I’d be upset too. But I don’t have to get a self-righteous about it, since I’ve been warned since day 1 that I won’t have a supported method of unlocking or installing apps. Wonder if people’s attitudes would be the same if it was a Razr, Nozia, Sony-Ericcson, etc.???
    I don’t believe that Jobso did this deliberately – it’s just an outcome of the extent of changes 1.1.1 introduced, plus the need to protect their collective investment (ie. make it less unlockable). Because of the variety of jailbraks and apps out there, there’s no way they could cater for an un-wind that would allow you to go back to your ATT SIM. Though I do think that ability would be more desirable and commercially sensible than bricking the iPhone.
    Analogies (cows, cars, etc.) are only useful in illustrating points, not proving them. Opinions are like assholes – everyone has them (well, most people anyway), and they usually stink.
    Anyway Leo, love the podcasts … I’ll still listen. Regards to Scott B.

  14. So Leo, you stupidly applied the update and bricked your own phone, despite the warnings otherwise. Your fault nobody elses. Of course this is the same Leo who passes his Skype password onto to some nomark voip company – who keys in all his bank account details to a third party website – Leo Leo Leo, there is no saving you from yourself it seems. 😉

  15. It’s EXACTLY what they said it was.It’s a freaking phone.
    It is not a computer.
    Like your car, which is also not a computer.
    I’ve really had it with all this BS.
    Apple delivered EXACTLY what they said they would. EXACTLY. They could not have been any clearer.
    It’s not an evil conspiracy. It’s a cellphone.
    Apple makes wonderful computers that run Unix and Windows and Mac OS and thus just about any application ever created on this planet.
    The mac is not a phone. The iphone is not a computer. Doh!
    The value proposition of the phone was that it would be SIMPLE. Simple means automatically updated/managed by Apple. How did you read into this that it was a computer? And what part of “exclusive to AT&T; 2 year contract required” did you not understand?
    And Apple didn’t brick your phone YOU did. The cell network didn’t reach out and lock up your phone. You ignored EVERYTHING the company told you at every step of the way bout what the product was and was not and how it worked and then whine all over the internet because my f’ing God it is exactly what they said it would be.
    Now yes it is your phone and no one stops you from taking it apart and doing things it wasn’t intended to do. Happy hobby science project. You can also put it in a blender.
    Personally I wanted the iPhone to have a real SDK/API. Then I realized I cared little about the phone, I just want a programmable pocket sized touchscreen MacOS X based computer.
    Apple made it crystal clear that this was not such a device. They could not have been any clearer. I didn’t buy one. I love Apple products. I do not have Stockholm syndrome. Apple delivers what they promise. When it’s what I want, I buy.
    I can’t help think of Fake Steve talking about how stupid people weren’t spozed to get iphones. He was right. And the most stupid are not the celebs who got it because it looked cool, it’s the people who were too arrogant or illiterate to read/comprehend the simple message of what it was.
    My analogy would be something about wanting a computer, so you buy a pickup truck, hack the dashboard to be the display and expect the dealer to fix it without making the speedometer back into a speedmeter.

  16. How about this, you buy a cow with the expresses purpose of making Milk, the farmer supplies you with a vaccine to keep the milk that comes out of the cow pure and tasty, but that vaccine has a side affect if you try to make cheese. you choose to make cheese so you have to stop using the vaccine or the cow will suffer from the side affect.

  17. What if it really had nothing to do with Apple doing anything intentional in the update? What if the software installed by the hackers caused their own problems? You FCUK with the firmware, you break your phone. Too bad. All you stupid SHTIs who broke your phones deserve what happened (even if you can’t read a EULA).

  18. One small comment to add to this argument — before the iPhone was released I remember Leo talking about his (old?) phone (maybe an N95?) and how neat it was to put all this 3rd party software on, but it would crash all the time. Maybe the idea behind “locking down” the iPhone is to avoid just that. And, if you do want 3rd party software, buy another phone that allows you to risk the core function of the phone (making phone calls) in exchange for the ability for 3rd party software to exist on it.

  19. I don’t get your point, and your analogies are quite poor.
    Apple explicitly stated it’s not making the iPhone a platform for development. Just because you can hack it and develop on it doesn’t mean this is something Apple should support or feel obligated to work around.
    You feel entitled to the hackable iPhone, but Apple does not sell a hackable iPhone.
    If you hack your version of Word, adding code to it as you like, and then you install an update from Microsoft that overwrites your hacks, who is to blame for that? Microsoft can be blamed for a lot of nasty things out there, but in the above situation, their “guilt” is dubious.
    And, let’s be clear about this: if Apple releases and update and says this update makes changes to the OS that will damage a hacked iPhone, and you install that update on your hacked iPhone – it is you who have damaged your phone.
    You weren’t under any obligation to update it. Apple didn’t automatically install it. If you hadn’t updated your iPhone it would still work the same way.
    The issue amounts to this: you feel entitled to have Apple work around a miscellany of hacks that Apple has explicitly not supported; Apple, on the other hand, has clearly said you’re not.
    Since Apple’s been very clear about unsupported hacks from the start, and they didn’t force anyone to accept the update, the premise and reasoning of your article is erroneous.
    Apple should never have said the iPhone runs OSX. People have interpreted that as an invitation to treat the iPhone as a computer.

  20. John Gruber at Daring Fireball just took Leo’s arguments (and his analogy) and blew it apart. Sorry Leo I think John is spot-on. Has there ever been an issue that has caused such division on both ends of the apple-fan aisle?

  21. I feel your pain, Leo. But, I don’t think the computer analogy holds. It’s a phone. Rather, it is, as Jobs-o stated, an iPod/phone/Internet communications device. He never called it a computing platform. As you guys said on this week’s MBW, they never should have let it out of the door in its hackable state if they knew they were going to lock it down and possibly brick it later. Personally, I think they were caught off-guard by the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the hacker community. (Sidebar: Erica Sadun is a Coding Goddess.)
    Speaking of hackers, I do think they should be held at least partially accountable for releasing an unlock procedure that could not be fully reversed. If people knew beforehand that it was a one-way trip, they might have been more wary.

  22. I’m so freaking tired of this argument.
    I live in Canada. I have an iPhone. Obviously, it is hacked.
    I did not update it. Natch. If you did and are surprised that you do not have the 3rd party apps anymore or now own a brick, you are an idiot.
    There is one reason and one reason only that third party apps are not allowed on the iPhone.
    Hint: it’s not freaking Jobs’ vanity.
    The very first app out there would have been VOIP and destroyed the relationship with AT&T. Apple neeeeeeded to partner with a mobile provider. If they didn’t partner up, it would have been nothing more than an internet appliance sitting in the margins. That would have made you geeks happy, but is a big waste of time for Apple.
    The iPhone is the wedge. VOIP is the future – VOIP is not now. All of this is the beginning of the end for mobile telcos. It’s inevitable.
    In two years or so, when all of this has shaken out and you have your VOIP iPhone or Google phone or whatever, all of the stupid bleating you’re doing now is going to sound retarded.
    Just shut up – especially with the lamest analogy ever (cows? what are you, stupid?) – already and wait for the movie to start.

  23. Sorry, but you’re dead wrong on this.
    I work for a company that sells a “computer” — it is a NAS device on top of an embedded Linux system — and it’s really very easy for someone to install third-party applications on this device, and we overwrite the entire root filesystem on software updates. No one cries foul over this; it’s a sensible way to handle and *extremely complicated system update.* It’s what we’re capable of doing, and we have the right to do it — we don’t prohibit you from installing more software, but we also absolutely don’t have the resources to support you if you do.
    What would happen if you also flashed the ROM and the bootloader on said device, then tried to install an official update? Unless you did it carefully, you’d “brick” your NAS. Same deal with the iPhone; you flash some part of the ROM, you are doing something unrecoverable and dangerous.
    I’m a Free Software advocate, and I would really love to be able to install anything I wanted on my iPhone, use it with a different carrier, etc. But crying foul because Apple (or any software company) doesn’t invest the manpower in helping you do this is just stupid.

  24. Your story just receive a sound beating, being pummeled by the Great John Gruber on Daringfireball: A lambasting both tasty, satisfying and richly seasoned. You have been officially handed your ass, good sir.
    To quote Gruber from a very recent headline of his: “If I could figure out a way to agree with this more than 100 percent, I would, but 100 percent will have to do.”
    Well, I agree with him 1,000%, possible or not.
    I’m so fed up with the iBrick whiners. No one put a gun to your collective heads. You wanted to have it all. You figured Apple was bluffing and you’d soon have all of your neat 3rd party gizmos a-whirling, all the while, making calls with a T-Mobile sim, sipping lattés at Starbucks and downloading the latest Britney.
    Problem was, Apple didn’t bluff — your greediness cost many of you the use of something that 3 months, mint out-of-box, was very, very cool. I have no tears for you or any that think that somehow Apple is at fault.

  25. I drive a Volvo. I know next to nothing about cars. Every year or so I go to a garage. A Volvo garage. The car drives. That’s what we expect from it. It does it in a most satisfying fashion.Now, I know there are car freaks around. I kind of admire them. And about one day a year I actually envy them. When they get their beautiful British job driving (from gas station to gas station, but still, look at it go).
    Now to the iPhone. Apple appliances (not the same thing as computers, eh?) are very hackable. But you don’t hack em and then do their updates blindly. Especially when they tell you what will happen to your hacks if you do. If you still go ahead, and think your contraption will work as advertised and then some… well, you’re like me and you should have been driving a Volvo.

  26. To add to the car analogy, those guys fixing their TR7, when their car breaks down – and in their case it is almost always the car’s fault, they really knew how to not make cars then – the first thing they DON’T do is whine. They sit down, think, call a friend… if needs be, they make their own parts to get their machine up and running again. If the above doesn’t turn you on, relax. It just means you are part of the 99,9% of people who should never ever buy a TR7 – or open up the hood, for that matter…

  27. Further, it is entirely possible to purchase, activate, unlock, install your own software, and use an iPhone without EVER agreeing to any of Apple’s terms. There is not even any “click here to agree with the terms” on the iPhone itself, the legalese is in iTunes which doesn’t even come with the phone! In fact, if you buy the phone in the box, it comes with no terms inside, so does apple expect me to agree to whatever terms the decided to push down into iTunes before I happen to open my box containing my iPhone that i bought?

  28. Are you saying that Apple is promoting the iPhone as a computer? I’m not sure that I ever heard Apple say that or promote the iPhone as anything more than a “smart phone” and many “smart phones” do not allow the installation of 3rd party apps.
    As a result, I don’t think your computer analogy really fits.

  29. The iPhone is not a computer, it’s a phone that has its own computer. The computer inside is for the iPhone to use the same as your PC is a computer for YOU to use.

  30. There once was a man who bought a cow. Not just any cow, but a rare and exotic breed that “just works” better than other cows. The company the man bought the cow from instructed him that this cow requires a special feed and care plan that matches its’ unique metabolism and insures the cow stays happy and healthy. The man decides it would make sense to use the recommended feed, as he wants to take good care of his very expensive new cow, and decides to follow the company’s care plan.
    One day, a hack….ummm, salesman arrives at his door. He’s offering a miracle product that makes cows create chocolate milk and crap cheddar cheese. All it takes is a simple operation that reroutes the cow’s intestinal tract, and a special recombinant chocolate producing growth hormone injection.
    At first the man is hesitant, as his expensive cow is “just working” pretty darn good. But he can’t resist the idea of a cheese crapping chocolate milk producing uber cow, and agrees to the plan.
    At first the man is gleeful, bragging and blogging to his friends that he has a special cow that does things cow’s just weren’t designed to do. He happily nibbles on his ass cheese, not really thinking to much about the condition of his cow’s health and what he has done to the cow’s intestinal tract.
    Eventually, the feed truck arrives with the specially formulated feed, and the delivery driver happily announces that the feed will not only help keep the cow healthy, but will actually make the cow stronger and “just work” better.
    “Now, before I can unload this feed”, says the driver, “I need to make sure you’ve been following our care plan.”
    “Um, yeah” says the man, wiping the chocolate milk moustache from his lip, “I’ve done everything you said.”
    “Okay, just sign here”, and the driver unloads the feed.
    The cow dives into the specially formulated feed and happily chows down. Suddenly, the cow’s eyes open wide, it projectile farts a gallon of yogurt, and drops dead on the spot. Apparantly, the feed hit an intestinal blockage in the cow’s customized plumbing and caused it to die.
    The man is appaled. His ridiculously expensive customized uber cow is now just a useless carcass.
    He glares at the delivery guy. “How could you do this to my cow? This is all YOUR fault!!! That feed you brought me is POISON! You owe me a NEW COW!!!”
    The delivery guy looks at the carcass, and then at the puddle of ass yogurt the cow left behind, and let’s out a sigh. “Hmph, that’s the third one today, that ass cheese salesman has been getting around.” He hops back in his truck and begins to pull away.
    “Wait!” screams the man “what are you going to do about this?! You killed my cow! You should have made a special feed for ass cheese customized bovine! I’ve been wronged! Waaaaahhhh!”
    The delivery driver leaves the man whining in the distance, shaking his head and muttering to himself as he drives. “If that clown wanted ass cheese and chocolate milk so bad, he should have bought a different breed. Why do these idiots keep messing with our cows?”
    He passes another farm, and lets out a wave to one of his regular customers. In his field is a big, strong, healthy cow, producing the finest milk in the county. “How’s Old Bossie working out for ya?” he yells to the man.
    “Working out great!” he yells back. “Been following your care plan, and that new feed is awesome! Been getting the sweetest milk every from that cow!”
    The driver smiles. “Glad we could be of service”.

  31. Stupid article. Computers are way different than cell phones. You don’t NEED the internet for a computer (to make a movie, organize pictures, etc.) but you do need service for a cell phone. Besides, look at all the other cell phone service providers, they don’t want Apple to work as close with their customers. ei. Verizon.
    BTW Joe Heathen, your cow story is perfect.

  32. I work for a major telecomm equipment manufacturer. One of my jobs is to program our cellphones for fellow staffers so they have the latest version of the phone software to perform their duties.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have updated phones with the approved software, exactly as the software release notes described how to do it, with the latest software designed to install the software, and yet the phone got bricked.
    Now, imagine you have software written by someone who has disassembled/reverse-engineered the phone’s firmware, without full knowledge of how the phone works, but want to use it to modify key parts of the phone operating system.
    How can you, in all fairness, expect this rogue software to perform flawlessly, and, more to the point, expect it to continue to perform flawlessly when necessary manufacturer’s software updates are performed?
    Understanding that the phone OS is probably not the most stable in the world, can you honestly expect a phone to be able to work properly after mutant code that the original phone manufacturer can’t certify or test, has been installed, and then gets overwritten with code that has been tested and certified by the manufacturer during a periodic update?
    I probably didn’t quite say that right, but it seems to me that Apple is blameless in this situation. Apple can’t be responsible for third party phone OS patches and how the phone may behave when approved software is installed over the third party software.
    The third party applications are another story entirely. That was pretty crummy…

  33. i’ll still buy apple stuff… well, to be specific 3rd, 4th, 5th gen apple stuff per usual.
    although it’s looking like a LONG while before the phone evolves into something i’ll drop cash on, but whatever, i can wait it out.
    *as long as it’s t-mobile friendly. F the ilecs!

  34. 1st… apple lovers need to realize that apple doesn’t care about apple geeks. If you mod it/hack it/whatever it, you are such a small apple % that they could care less…. cry as you may… no one cares about the < 1%.I’m normally a PC user and most PC users don’t even know what CMOS is… I’d be surprised if most Apple users knew that they pay 2 twice as much for hardware just so they can run a better OS.
    If you hacked your iphone and you update to 1.1.1 you = stupid. If you hacked your iphone and didn’t update to 1.1.1 you = smart geek. Either way apple does not care. Most people will buy the phone… use it with ATT and think it is great.
    Sure PC users know that all the software they use has issues… even XP, surely VISTA, maybe not Linux, but guess what… it is cheap… and geek friendly. You can do whatever you want with it and get a way with it.
    Summary if you are a Geek… don’t buy APPLE they are for the brain dead… wow this looks pretty… don’t care what it costs… love how simple it is… fan boys!.
    However, if you are a geek… buy geek… buy a PC that you can do anything you can imagine on… buy a regular cell phone that you can hack and get free apps on… 3rd party or whatever… but don’t ever think apple is for GEEKS… After all STEVE JOBS hates Bill Gates and therefore hates GEEKS… he will always be that way… so don’t cry about your dam iphone… wait until you can get it the way APPL wants to give it to you.
    PS… I’m a PC USER… this was written on an AMD system… fully hacked and still works… I also talk on an enV Version cell phone… fully hacked and still fully works!

  35. i totally agree with you, but simultaneously don’t see why it matters. i’ve had a smartphone for 2 years which has all the features of the iphone with the exception of the aesthetically pleasing interface. it cost me $200, works on wifi, works on any carrier, and lets me install whatever i want. i could see how this would be a big issue if the iphone was the only option available, but it’s just one of many smartphones with similar features.
    it seems to me like most of the people who are frustrated with the iphone situation are just not aware of all the other pdaphone options out there. many of people’s complaints about the iphone make me wonder how much research they did prior to purchasing it. and that in turn provokes a lack of sympathy in me. i don’t have the kind of money to buy an item that costs that much without researching it, and i feel like people who drop that amount of cash and only later on down the line research what they are buying deserve what they get to some extent.
    (note: i say this as someone who owns and enjoys many of apple’s other products, so this isn’t me hating on apple in general.)

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