Vancouver Tonight, Cloudy Tomorrow

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I’m in Vancity tonight for a 24-hour visit. Tomorrow is the Futureshop “debate” with Amber. I don’t even know how you debate LCD vs Plasma, but we’ll find a way. Tune in at at 11:30a Pacific to watch – free registration required.

Incidentally, as a followup to my previous post, Amber and I have decided to take a hiatus with net@nite. Both of us are too busy to do the show justice at the moment. Sunday’s are so jammed for me what with the radio show and TWiT that net@nite is becoming a burden. We’re going to look for a better day for both of us and we’ll let you know when we’re coming back.

Now back to researching plasma tvs!

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  1. I just finished the latest N@N. Bummer about the hiatus, but what you said makes sense. I’m going to try to tune into the “debate” tomorrow. Leave Leo Alone!

  2. I can’t believe how much work you already do with podcasts. You deserve to take a break from them as often as you would like if you ask me. Good luck with the research. Long live LCD!

  3. Oh my god! This was one of my favourite shows. I was basically with you when you announced the hiatus idea in the previous post, but I never thought I will be so sad. I’m almost depressed :-(((I’m moving from denial to anger right now. Is it bargaining that is comming next?

  4. Understandable, unfortunately. Perhaps a different day/time of the week might work?
    Or perhaps, move it to a biweekly/monthly schedule?

  5. My favorite podcast on hiatus? How can I survive the week? I love the Amber-Leo tandem more than anything in the TWIT network.

  6. I’m really sorry to hear this. I looked forward to Sunday evenings with you two. I hope you guys find another way to do this. The “form factor” of having a live podcast with audience participation was really great. Unfortunately, I think the technical problems may have made it seem less popular?

  7. I’m all for quality (I was a fan back when you only ran TWiT and SN) so from my point of view, cutting back on the number of shows is a sane choice if you feel you can’t do them justice.
    Have you been considering putting out limited run shows (sort of a mini-series) where you decide from the start that it’s going to be a finite run? That could be a way to wrap things up before you (or your co-host ) loose interest or you come up with something even cooler.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that, Leo, but I understand the time factor. Thanks for all the effort you put into delivering quality podcasts. I hope to see you bring net@nite back when you can.

  9. I wish Net@night took more phone calls. Seems like a waste to be using talk shoe and then only get to about 3 calls an episode. I really liked the old Inside the Net format where we got to see what was going on behind the scenes with those responsible for the latest greatest web apps.

  10. Leo,
    You’re going to miss talking to Amber. You know it.
    Try to find another time that you both can make. Maybe even revise the format. You can also make it shorter to fit your schedule.

  11. Of all the times to start listening to a show. Still, season limits need to be set. Is there any hope of a summer replacement?

  12. 🙁
    Very sad news indeed – my favorite podcast – I was only on the Talk Shoe a couple of times because Sunday didn’t work for me, but I loved it nonetheless.
    Of course, I’m still a TWiTr, so keep up the great work – and I’ll still have my WebNation and CommandN for my Amber fix!

  13. Just got back from the Vancouver FutureShop shindig and just wanted to say “Thanks!” to both Leo and Amber – it was a fun way to avoid doing work this morning. I think Amber was winning until Leo threw out the “I just walked down the aisle with Amber” (SALES aisle) comment, which threw her off for the rest of the debate.
    Thanks guys!

  14. Leo, I love all of your shows. (and I do mean ALL) I have to say for the record though, that Net@Nite is my favorite. I understand the need to take a break but please come back soon. You and Amber have the uber chemistry.

  15. Hey Leo, Missed your debate today due to work but had hoped you would stop in to see us at Simply Computing, the Apple store right next to Future Shop. Perhaps next time. It would be great to meet you. I’m a big fan of your shows. Thank you for providing entertaining and enlightening content about all things Apple.

  16. Thats ok Leo…you must be running out of gas with all the great shows you are putting out each week. Who knows, after a couple of months you might miss the show and come back to it with more focus that before.
    BTW, when my favorite band Phish went on hiatus in 2000, their lead singer started smoking crack…so keep an eye out for that pitfall!

  17. I hate to be a lone voice of dissent, but I kind of felt like net@nite was too fluffy, and the people who listened live really were only there to gawk at her.

  18. Hey everyone!
    Leo and I had a great time chatting about podcasting in Vancouver. I think we’re both very swamped and want to make sure that whatever we do delivers the best content possible.
    I hope I speak for Leo as well when I say that we both really enjoy working with each other, so expect more of that. Inside the Net (now net@nite) has always been a show that has changed with the times, so we plan to bat around some ideas to think about how we can mix things up in the future.
    This will not be the end of LeoBer ;)!
    -Amber (the Ber in LeoBer)

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