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  1. I used to get home from work, eat supper and turn on TSS….I fondly remember the LAN game party going on to the right of the set while the show was in progress. TechTV: How DUMB can network execs be? Geeze! *sigh* They DESERVE to have their audience taken away by the ‘net’!

  2. I rarely ever missed The Screen Savers or Call for Help. I never really lost track of Leo but I do miss Kate Batello. Kate and Leo were great together.

  3. Man, I remember watching and wishing I had a computer fast enough to be able to join the LAN party…and broadband internet. It wasn’t until 2002 that we got broadband. Seems like we have had it forever.
    Anyways, thanks for the pic and the memories.

  4. The best thing Leo could ever do is take these pictures. Who would have guessed that they would bring back so many good memories. I to feel like broadband has been around forever. It wasn’t until 2002 that I got my first DSL connection and started watching TechTV on DirecTV that I really got into computers.

  5. Hi Leo,
    I just discovered that you are updating this blog regularly. A big fan from Brazil here, keep the blog posts up!

  6. Those were the days… I always wanted to take part in one of the live lan parties but was limited based on system specs. Though that chance is gone, I’m grateful you and fellow techtv members are so devoted to what you love. The move to internet audio shows was the best move you guys could have made. It only strengthened the following of those who loved the show.

  7. The lanparty was awesome. I’ll never for get that i got a invite to with the tss crew when they were airing. they were playing Americas Army. it was fun!. thanks for sharing this photo with us leo.:)

  8. From the date stamp on the photo, it looks like you used a Palm Zire 71 PDA to take Kevin’s pic.
    I miss my Z71. Palm was on top of the world back in 2003. Those were certainly the days…

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