Amber MacArthur and I will be making a personal appearance this week in Vancouver, BC on behalf of Future Shop.
amberstabsleo.jpgWe’ll be debating LCD vs Plasma and the Future of Television this Thursday, 27 September, from 11:30a-12:30p at the Futureshop store, 1740 West Broadway in Vancouver. The CBC’s Tod Maffin will be moderating (and keeping us from throwing any punches).

There’s very limited seating at the store – it’s first come, first serve – but you can also watch online at Free registration required – limited to the first 1000 registrants.

If this goes well we may be doing events like this all across Canada.

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  1. Leo, the fact that you do so many things in Canada is the only thing that makes me want to be Canadian. Believe me, that is an accomplishment. Too bad I live in the middle of NoWhere, IL, I doubt you will be doing anything in the St. Louis area.

  2. any chance future shop will offer people who can;t be at the store or online the option to download the event afterwards?

  3. Leo its about time you come downunder I know us Aussies love your show The Lab on the How to Network and I personally enjoy all you netcasts and you have inspired me to start my own netcast downunder……..Keep on Keeping on Geeky Brother….peace JS

  4. Ha!
    For some reason I’ve always been on the opposite side of the continent whenever there has been an Amber/Leo meet-up. Not this time. We just moved to Vancouver two weeks ago and that Futureshop isn’t far from our apartment!

  5. While listening to Mac Break Weekly today Sept. 27th and Leo was declaring how he paid for the phone, it was his and he will do what he wants with it, I was honestly struck with the idea “how Canadian Leo sounding”. I think we have been a bad influence on him (Big smirk).

  6. I am confused. I thought you were hosting a tech show not an S&M show where you women beating you up!!!

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