Upcoming Radio Stuff

Listener alertI’ll be on the Murray Wood Show, on NewsTalk 980 CJME in Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan today from 1-2p Central Mountain time talking tech and taking calls.
I also recorded an interview with Kai Ryssdal on APR’s Marketplace yesterday. We talked about Google competitors like Powerset and Maholo. It should air on your local public radio station today or tomorrow. MP3s are available from the web site.

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  1. I think you mean 1 to 2 Saskatchewan Time. We are a little different here with our time zone. We are actually in the Mountain Time zone although we call it Central Standard Time and we do not observe daylight savings time so we are actually currently the same time as Mountain Daylight Time.
    Just thought I would post a note in case somebody gets confused. The local station said you would be on in about 10 minutes which is 1 – 2 Saskatchewan time or for everyone else Mountain Daylight Time.

  2. Hi Leo!
    Say, will You add those appearances to the Radio Leo feed in time or won’t the stations allow for that?

  3. Hey Leo,
    I just wanted to say thanks for doing the CJME / Rawlco radio show. We’re a little smaller of market than the shows you generally do but we’re very appreciative and I know lots of people that listen to your podcasts. I talked to you today on the show about network repeaters and I’ll have a look at what you recommended.

  4. The Jaiku turf background is cute but the pale grey color of the print is not sufficient contrast to read your postings.

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