Drubbing In Progress

I love Scrabble, and have really been having fun with the Scrabulous application on Facebook.
I’m playing four games right now, and really losing one. To Dr. Tiki. He’s so good that he’s just toying with me now. All his moves have been for 20 and 30 points, but last move he played one for a measly eight. But I can see why.

Scrabble game in progress

He’s still winning by 23 points with just seven tiles left. Damn you Dr. Tiki.

2 Replies to “Drubbing In Progress”

  1. I give, what does “irely” mean? It isn’t even in my sowpods dictionary. Does that mean you’re playing a challenge game?
    The scrabulous guys seem to have sorted out a lot of the recent issues with pages timing out. It was getting quite hard to play. Now, if only they can figure out a way for non-friends to play games so that you can get challenged to a gazillion and one games.

  2. To play that at the end of a game is a real coup.
    I have a friend who is an incredible Scrabble player. One of the only times I ever successfully challenged him was when he played “Google.” I thought it was funny that he didn’t realize that it was a bastardization of the actual spelling (and Barney Google’s last name).
    Anyway, when are you coming for a demo of Powerset? =)

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