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Don’t bug me. Dane has the day off and I’ve got to get TWiT 113 and The Tech Guy 388 out the door before I go home. Oh yeah, and Munchcast 7! It’s been a long time since I had to burn the midnight oil editing TWiT. It really makes me appreciate Dane’s help, and the TWiT donors that made Dane’s salary possible!
Amber was back tonight and we recorded a new net@nite. There were some technical issues during recording so the Talkshoe version won’t sound so hot for the first 15-20 minutes. The podcast will be fine – that comes out on Tuesday.

gone-fishin.jpgAfter recording, Amber and I talked about our grueling schedules. She pointed out that most TV shows don’t go continuously. They’ll end their seasons, take some time off to refresh, then come back for a new season. She suggested that maybe we should do that with netcasts, too.

I certainly would welcome some time off – but the idea of going into hiatus with our shows scares me, too. I think most people want and expect the show to be there every week. It’s part of their routine. I’d be afraid that people would forget us if we took a month or so off every year (not all at once mind you, but one netcast at any given time). As listeners what do you think?

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  1. Honestly, I depend on those shows for a lot of entertainment every week. If you need the time off, you should take it. Everyone needs to refresh every once and a while. Whatever keeps you going I’m all for!

  2. Maybe you could put together a could best of episodes or pre-record a couple shows. That way you could take some well deserved R and R to recharge.

  3. Hey, if you need a break, take a break. I would definately miss the various TWiT Netcasts, but I can survive. I’d miss them a heck of a lot more if you ended up burning out and having to stop for a longer period of time.
    I do like the idea of putting in some re-runs, or even having guest hosts. That way you can satisfy us ravenous netcast subscribers :).

  4. If you took time off it would definitely throw off my routine (I don’t listen to the radio when commuting anymore, I listen to your ‘casts) but I fully understand that you need to recharge. I love the idea of substitute hosts.

  5. I don’t think there’d be any problem as long as you let everyone know well in advance so people don’t freak out and start conspiracy theories that you’re dropping everything for good.
    Personally, I don’t really like “best of” episodes: podcasts (especially the TWiT) ones are about current affairs and if I wanted to listen to old stuff, well, all the archives are there.
    Besides, Leo… take a look at how many people downloaded the last FLOSS “Weekly”, which went on an unofficial hiatus for several months(?) and maybe that’d give you an idea of how taking a break might affect your audience numbers.

  6. How about putting ALL of your shows on a long hiatus around holiday periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)??

  7. Leo – I listen addictively to your podcasts every week – fave being MBW and have worried about you not getting a break 🙂 Know how hard it is when you are in a hard work cycle to hop off the band wagon – it is a common problem when you love what you do – I know! But everyone needs a break – if only to see one’s life (including work) from a fresh and maybe different perspective. And especially when you have kids growing up – it is great to spend unhurried time with them (not thinking about work) – they grow up too quickly. We, your fans would not forget you – if you can arrange for the podcasts to continue with other hosts – especially Andy or Merlin on MBW, that would be good too. If not, I think we would all rather wait for you to have a break and come back with good health and enthusiasm!! Take care.

  8. If anybody deserves a vacation it’s you Leo. One of the great things about Podcasts and RSS is that it checks the feeds for us, so when you come back we will be notified via our RSS readers and/or Podcast catchers.
    If you do decide to take some vacation time off just let us listeners know ahead of time that way we’re not surprised and left hanging. From the comments so far I get the general feeling that most of us listeners will understand.

  9. Leo, Go, and take some time off, You deserve it!!!!!!
    Let all the people who said not to take a break, go through TWIT withdrawals symptoms, that way they’ll appreciate all of the hard work you put into doing the TWIT netcasts week in and week out.
    Go take a break and enjoy your family and yourself.

  10. Some best of shows during weeks off would be O.K. There’s a lot of gold there. I’m sure Dane wouldn’t mind mining it 🙂

  11. Hey Leo – honestly, I don’t think going on a full hiatus would be the best thing to do.
    However, I really think you simply need to slow down. Promise yourself you won’t start any more new shows for a while. And maybe, if the time is right, kill off one that doesn’t have a big enough following.
    If I were you, I’d stagger the affect of taking a break. Why not bump a show down to three times a month or twice a month instead of taking a break alltogether?
    Honestly, it always seems that shows are more interesting when they occur less often because there’s a lot to talk about, and the hosts haven’t caught up with each other in a while….
    While it would kind of suck to not have shows on certain weeks, it would be completely made up for when we have a completely badass and hilarious show the next week, huh?
    I hope you get around to reading this, but if you don’t, I understand… There’s a ton of freaking comments already!
    Well, good luck, Leo! We love your shows.

  12. As has been stated by earlier commenters, breaks are fine provided a regular schedule. I could very well understand a month or two between the seasons of a show, as long as I know when they will return. You’ve taken brakes before and I support your need for time of, but I’d actually be fine with more leave if I knew of it in advance. Waking up on a monday, opening up the computer and finding out that your fav podcast won’t come out this week is a bit dissapointing. Had I known about it in advance, it wouldn’t be an issue. Hope this makes sense, take care!

  13. Let some other “regulars” on the podcast host instead of you for a few weeks and take some time off.
    I would miss TWiT, MBW, and SN too much not having them each week.

  14. Leo, Remember back in the day when Johnny Carson used to have guest hosts when he went on vacation. It would be great if Joan Rivers hosted a few Twits every now and then.

  15. Man, how many responses? The TWiT Army speaks its mind!
    I’ve been listening to the TWiTcasts for a long time now and, as others have said, it has become part of my routine. That said, a break would give me time to listen to more of my audiobooks! You often say during the audible ads that netcast listeners are the natural audience for audiobooks. The paradox is that you’re dead right, apart from the fact that we have no TIME to listen to audiobooks as we have so many netcasts to get through each week!
    I’m not keen on the idea of reruns. Anyone in need of reruns can listen to, well, reruns. They’re all available for download after all!

  16. I know this’ll get buried in the sea of comments, but you have an impressive archive of shows.. What about either running “re-runs” or some “clip shows”?

  17. Take A break Leo. hell Steve Gibson can do scurity now by himself.
    And Dvorak can handle Twit.
    of course you will have to rename it
    besides I have 16 of the radio shows to catch up on.
    so slow down already.

  18. Your concern for a short break is an over-reaction. I know if that were not the case, I would no longer be subscribed to the FLOSS Weekly feed.
    Fear not, the TWIT army is behind you.

  19. Leo – If you need to take a break from some of the shows then do it, after all Hak5 takes 2 months off between seasons and even though they release per month they have kept their audience. You have worked VERY hard on the past few years. Go and rest a little you really deserve it!

  20. I think that if you kinda released a new TWiT almost every week you could take brakes from the other lesser known shows. And I wouldnt mind it if Scott or Alex hosted MBW while you took some time off

  21. Dear Leo,
    As a long-time listener, I’d be disappointed, but I do understand. For those of us who love your work, I think it’s more important that you stay healthy and vital, not burned out. If that means missing some weeks, then so be it.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    All best,
    Brooklyn, NY

  22. Nobody works harder than you do Leo! Sure, I would miss you, but forget you? NEVER! Take a break, we’ll survive and come back gratefully to listen to a rested refreshed TWIT network.

  23. Hi Leo
    I’m a regular podcast listener (all of twit netcasts) and I watch the Lab with Leo as well. I don’t know how you keep up the schedule that you do. I think you have to trust us – we aren’t going to forget about you.
    You provide us with hours of entertainment, knowledge and fun. But you’ve got to keep those creative juices flowing which means that you need to rejuvenate.
    A very big thank-you for all the stuff you do. I will be lost if you take time off but I’ll get over it. And I will count the days until you return.
    Congrats on the 100th Lab with Leo. Had I not still been recovering from my back surgery I would have been there to shake your hand in person.

  24. I certainly agree with everyone else that you deserve a break. I don’t know if there is a time when the tech world slows down a bit. But you got to take care of yourself. We’ll miss ya’ but we’ll be waiting when you return.

  25. Leo, see if Patric would be willing to guest host Twit and any other shows that he would fit into for the month. He is known from the ScreenSavers days and would provide your fans with the shows but it would allow you some time.
    Another possibility is to just do a show or two from jamaica or some other remote location with broadband. Take the whole crew along. I think that would be the only time we would hear John Dvorack happy.
    Anyway, I know you are creative enough to work it out if you want a vacation. Just don’t get burnt out.

  26. I agree that you may lose some listeners (especially new ones) if you don’t have a show for a month straight, but a week off here and there never hurt anybody.

  27. I’d wait. Heck, some of my favourite podcasts have been on unannounced hiatus for months and I still listen to them when they get back.

  28. My .02:
    There’s certainly different aspects of this to consider. 1) Entertainment shows run in seasons. The News doesn’t. The TWIT-casts sort of fall into a hybrid category of reporting the news, yet being entertaining.
    2) TWIT itself is a bit of a rotating cast with Leo being the steady host. As mentioned before, couldn’t someone else play the role of host/editor? Patrick for TWIT or Scott for MBW or anyone of the other regulars would seemingly fill in nicely. We fans of all.
    I believe it was Ronald McDonald who said it best, “You deserve a break today” (ok, maybe not).

  29. Just flashing the comments I see that most people seem to agree that a scheduled hiatus would be a good idea. Lord knows Leo, I think you’re the only person who works longer hours than me.As for best of shows…. I gotta come out against that. This is NOT TV, and certainly not TV of thirty years ago. We all have access to all the “best of shows” we want. They’re in the archives. Tell everybody to listen to other TWIT netcasts during that month. And ANYBODY who is already listening to ALL the netcasts on TWIT, and is all caught up, SHOULD take some time off too!

  30. Take the time off, Leo. I’d wager most folks will come back simply because they forget to dump the feed from their aggregators. That’s the beauty of netcasts over TV, after all: once you’re in their system, it take action to opt-out — not to opt-in again! Besides, as the other commenters have said — it’s not as if you don’t have a robust archive of content with which to while away the hours!

  31. I’ve long thought that you were crazy to keep all these podcasts and shows, blogs, etc running at the same time. Although I really think it’s great but man, you are likely burning yourself too much with all these projects.
    I have my own blog that I find that posting more than a few times a week is beyond what I can do. There’s so much stuff that needs the time to prepare and edit and everything and there’s also family. So, for me, after 2 years, I am finally settled in a rhythm that I can work without feeling stressed and burnt out.
    The fans will still be there. Believe me, they will. Take an extended break at least from the podcasts to really get back to life before Leo (LOL). Your health, sanity and family should come way before the fans. Seriously.

  32. Leo,
    If you feel like you need a break, you probably do need the break. But I would be the concerned if that break went too long, it might get hard to restart. I agree with an earlier comment that the “best of” shows are not that great an idea. There’s often more
    I already thing you’re a madman for the amount of work you do, but you’re also a hard guy to replace. You have the right mix of being a techie, radio-quality voice, and also a polished host. A guest host will only remind everyone how much they miss you. Hmmm, not a bad strategy.

  33. Take a break Leo. Put up some of your favorite podcasts in the meantime, like twit 57!

  34. I’ve read some of the comments, but not all. So some of this may be repeating other comments, sorry.
    I guess a break depends on the content of the show. “This Week in Tech” certainly implies a weekly netcast. However, the show has taken breaks from time to time with no adverse consequences. And not every show comes out on a weekly basis.
    In a real sense most people have jobs year-round with only a week or two of vacation. Even actors with a hiatus in their shows usually spend that time on other projects. But none of that’s to say you all don’t work hard, or have busy schedules.
    I think the real issue is how much do you have on your plate? In the case of Amber, is her schedule so busy that doing this netcast every Sunday (maybe her only day off?) is just too much. Or is there something else in her life that’s taking up time that needs to be re-evaluated? I don’t know. Only she can answer that question.
    You almost dropped the show from the lineup once before, but after much outcry you figured out a way to make it work. But is it still working?
    Circumstances change, and with them so must we. (As you well know.) If that means a show must be dropped, then so be it. It will be missed, but it’s been a good run. And we appreciate the content you’ve given us.
    Not saying I would like it, but that I would just have to live with it.

  35. Leo take the next 2 weeks off from Podcasting and recharge your batteries. Get some relief from the never ending pressure to get taping and editing of Podcasts. Go fishing.

  36. Everyone needs a vacation from work related duties, even if you enjoy what you do.
    Take a break in the summer or around Thanksgiving/Christmas…your faithful listeners will still be here when you return.
    I’m not in favor of guest hosts…wouldn’t be the same without you, but ‘best of’ type shows or repeats would be OK to attract new listeners.
    Frankly, you (and other netcasters) produce so much content now, it would give those of us who listen to a lot of netcasts a chance to catch up on the episodes. I’m always behind a couple of weeks.
    Whatever you decide is fine, the magic of rss will let me know when you put anything new up.
    Thanks for all you do.

  37. Taking some time off from time to time is always a good idea. I think if you were to cut back to releasing the shows to every other week, and increasing the length of the shows from 1 hour to 1.5 hours you’d have less work over all and most of the fans would still be happy. That combined with a planned OFF week would be just fine with me.

  38. take a break!! for heavens sake, the rest of us get to put our feet up and have some fun. so should you! We wouldn’t forget you, just miss you. My wife and I often wonder when you get a chance to do an adventure with the family, or just Joann (sp). . . We’ll be here when you come back, promise.

  39. Leo,
    You make me laugh and I have learned a great deal from you. Consider staggering the podcasts on a 2 week cycle for certain months of the year, say December and August.
    Just a thought for what it is worth

  40. I think for you guys you should take a hiatus/sabbatical whatever you want to call it. But for me net@nite is my favorite…I wish it was for 2-3 hours each week. I really miss it when you all miss a week here and there.
    But for your sanity I think time off is a good idea.

  41. I think that breaks are a necessity – you would eventually burn out otherwise, BUT, i don’t think Podcast seasons are the answer. I listen to you like some people watch the news on TV. If my tv news station were to take a 2-3 month break, i’d have to go somewhere else for my news and who knows if I could come back. I think a better way would be to look at it like modified year-round school. Take a small 2-3 week break every 4 months or something. Any longer then that and your “presence” may likely suffer.
    Also, “best of” shows don’t work well in the business of news… who wants to re-listen to news about the release of Windows 2000 like its new again…

  42. Hey Leo, I agree with the fact that you need a break. Here is my suggestion: do not run the podcast like a TV show. Don’t start releasing it every two weeks (that happened with, and then it was every now and then, and now nothing). What I suggest you do however, is take two weeks, shut the network down or leave it in Dane and the other hosts hands, and just go somewhere. Forget about the netcasts, forget about the tv show and forget about the radio show. Just take two weeks with your family to relax and come back fresh.
    I think if you do this every now and then, you’ll feel much more energised, and if people can’t wait two weeks for a show, so that the host can take a break, then they have issues. ” ‘Nough Said”.

  43. Leo,I’m going to be honest. Anything that doesn’t update in iTunes or my RSS reader in about three weeks gets deleted. There is just too much stuff out there. I could spend 30 hours a day reading and listening to stuff that I actually like. And obviously I don’t have the time.
    You wanted to leave main stream media. Own it yourself, keep it pure. That’s cool. I applaud that. But one of the advantages TV has is that they fill the space when you are gone. Long silences kill blogs and podcasts. Something else gets our attention when your gone.
    You, of course, deserve a break. But honestly, does the owner of a small business ever really get a break? It’s kinda the price you pay for being your own boss.

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