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Don’t bug me. Dane has the day off and I’ve got to get TWiT 113 and The Tech Guy 388 out the door before I go home. Oh yeah, and Munchcast 7! It’s been a long time since I had to burn the midnight oil editing TWiT. It really makes me appreciate Dane’s help, and the TWiT donors that made Dane’s salary possible!
Amber was back tonight and we recorded a new net@nite. There were some technical issues during recording so the Talkshoe version won’t sound so hot for the first 15-20 minutes. The podcast will be fine – that comes out on Tuesday.

gone-fishin.jpgAfter recording, Amber and I talked about our grueling schedules. She pointed out that most TV shows don’t go continuously. They’ll end their seasons, take some time off to refresh, then come back for a new season. She suggested that maybe we should do that with netcasts, too.

I certainly would welcome some time off – but the idea of going into hiatus with our shows scares me, too. I think most people want and expect the show to be there every week. It’s part of their routine. I’d be afraid that people would forget us if we took a month or so off every year (not all at once mind you, but one netcast at any given time). As listeners what do you think?

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  1. oh no, Leo, you need a break.We (listeners), we prefer that the show lasts with due breaks then dies because the host is breaking down.
    On top of that, a break will make us more eager to get the following show!
    Thanks for the good work, Leo,

  2. Why don’t you go ahead and take some time off, but during said time off have a guest show take over the feed. That way people get their show, you get your time off, and maybe some up and coming podcasters get a chance to show the twit army what they can do.

  3. Leo..take a vacation from everything at once. When it’s over you’ll be refreshed and excited to get back. We’ll be excited to have you back. Part of the fun of your podcasts is that we like you. Take good care of yourself…nobody’s going anywhere.Dave C.

  4. I personally think it is better to take a break from time to time and deliver a great podcast then to be there every week and be lame. I am not saying you guys are but I could see that coming if you feel the need of a break. Honestly while the show is still good it’s not the quality you guys had 12 to 15 months ago. So maybe it’s time for a break. But then again I am European and maybe that is why I am so open to vacation and breaks…

  5. Take a break and just tell us fans when you are comming back. We will be here waiting to listen to you. It will give me a cance to catch up on all of the other podcasts that I have to catch up on. I listen to all of your podcasts so that is a full time job in itself. Have a good break if you decied to.

  6. Another long time listener saying- please, take a break when you need to. 🙂
    As brief response to Playtpibri, my husband and I have been small business owners for 15 years and we have been able to take months off at a time and travel. *shrug* You just need to find reliable people to fill in for you.

  7. I say do what you need to do, Leo. Everyone needs a break. I’d go berserk doing the amount of netcasts you do in addition to your other demands.
    I don’t see a problem with staggering releases or what have you. Whatever works.

  8. Leo, when you first started TWIT, I remember Patrick hosted a show and I think maybe Dvorak hosted a show while you did something. Maybe you can start doing that again. If you can’t we can easily go without shows every week.

  9. There is considerable research that suggests that those who work continuously without taking the time to relax, rest and recharge are shortening their lives! Take the time. The people who follow your netcasts etc. who really appreciate everything you are doing will understand fully. I agree with the person who stated that you will not be able to sell this to Steve Gibson! Suggest to him that while you are on vacation he fly solo on Security Now. Perhaps that will be scary enough for him to take a break too? 🙂

  10. My favorite podcast (besides yours) is called “In Our Time” from the BBC, takes a few months off starting every August. As long as you state you will be back for a new season, people will just leave it on thier subscribed list in iTunes and be that more thrilled when you come back again.

  11. Leo,
    I’m a big fan of down time to help inspire something better for the future… for any show thats not a news show (TWIT and MaBreak Weekly for example) I thing a month or more is totally appropriate.
    my 2 cents

  12. Leo,Yes you should get a break. The drawback is that we wouldn’t have the feedback from the great people at Twit. So, what if you did something like let some of your listeners host. You’d have maybe 5 people or so. Regardless of what you decide take a break, you deserve it. We’ll survive until you come back.

  13. Lots of great ideas here, definitely I’d side on the “keep something* pumping out on the off weeks”. And, it would help if it were a “something consistent” – Like, all the off-weeks are interviews, or staff bio shows, or just off the wall craziness.
    “Best of” format is definitely REALLY hard for TWiT specifically, since the topics become WAY old news so fast. But, sticking with the TWiTs for a moment, either having a guest host (it would have to be a “Leo”-type person, someone who isn’t the 1000-meter-deep geek), or having even someone entirely outside tech host a show on an entirely different topic – “This Week in Wine”, “This Week in Horse Racing”, and let the regulars try to roll with it… Would make for interesting listening, maybe?
    Also, a way cut down 15-20 minute mini-show featuring a “day in the life” for one of the cast, their ruminations on how tech affects their lives, etc… Kind of a spotlight feature that the fans could still relate to?

  14. I know there was a lot of panic from the masses a year or so ago when you mentioned burn-out, but being clear in announcing your intentions before hand can avoid a repeat of that. Other than that, it’s not like anyone’s going to delete the subscribed feeds if a few weeks go by without a new TWiT network podcast magically appearing on their computer.
    Heck, Mac Break Tech apparently took some time off recently, and that gang was surprised that there wasn’t any drop-off in downloads when they came back… I was surprised because I hadn’t even noticed they were gone.

  15. Leo,
    I know this is your thing, but frankly I don’t think you need to be in audiocast.
    You could take time off and leave John, Pat or even Wil in the driver seat. You did this before with Pat at the helm and it was fine.
    You don’t ALWAYS have to be on EVERY Twit nor every other show. You can take a break and I am sure there are people that would do a fine job.
    You don’t have to be the only one busting your back.

  16. Keep up the great work, Leo, and try not to burn out. I just went out and increased the amount of my monthly donation to TWiT — it is a bargain at twice the price.

  17. Leo,
    Sounds like Amber is the one that wants time off, so have a fill-in until she’s ready to come back.
    A hiatus would be good for you guys personally, but not professionally. You’re right that the audience would probably erode over time. Look at what happened to Jericho last year after they had an extended hiatus. A porion of the audience didn’t come back because they got involved with other things and didn’t tune in again. Don’t let TWiT become another Jericho.
    And for God’s sake, do NOT put on “best of” shows. I hate those. I’d rather have nothing than a re-hash of old material.

  18. I would miss you Leo, but I’m very “pro” having balance in your life to prevent burnout. I like some of the above comments about getting guest hosts to carry on. Please take care of yourself and do what you have to do to “stay fresh” as my big fear is that your ADHD self would move onto other things instead of getting back on track here…but you are who I trust, as your network states, so do what you need to do Leo, but do come back to us!

  19. I would be disappointed but I believe I would survive. You and the Twits’ deserve some time off to spend time with friends and family.If you take a hiatus, I will be hear when you return.

  20. There are slow times in Tech, so why not stretch out show regularity during these slow times. Sya during usually slow Tech months, only do a show bi-weekly.

  21. Holidays already create breaks in your podcasting. Why not schedule podcast breaks for the rest of the year? For those of us addicted people pull out a show from the archives. You could label it “Leo Laporte The Early Years”

  22. I can understand wanting to take some time off. As long as it is something regular and you warn us in advance.
    Maybe even something like, 4 weeks on 1 week off. Or even better, 8 weeks on 1 week off.

  23. I would miss my daily twit fix (it gets me through my day at work) but would understand. Hell..maybe it would force me to check out some other netcasts (don’t worry…i’d come back!)

  24. Leo, you’re awesome, and we can’t have you getting burned out. You have quite a few podcasts, so you can skip some shows each week and still have a few shows left. Do MacBreak Weekly but skip Windows, for example. Most of your shows, with the exception of Jumping Monkeys and Munchcast are for a similar audience. So you don’t need to do all of them each week. You can also do the weekly Giz Whiz on your national radio show and skip the Daily Giz Whiz completely. As much as I love that, you’re overbooking yourself. Take it from a burnout expert!

  25. Leo,If you guys need some time off, just go for it!!! Remember what you and Amber were talking about just last Saturday? You have a loyal group of people who listen to your podcasts and who have followed you since the TechTV days…
    Although I’ll be checking for new feeds everyday, if you take a vacation, I think I’ll survive… and so will the rest of the TwiT community!!!
    Thank you all for Twit.TV!!!!

  26. Leo…
    Really love your netcasts and I admit I look forward to TWiT, Munchcast, Jumping Monkeys, Tech Guy, Security Now! and Windows Weekly every week. I’m amazed at this point that you can keep the schedule you do, but just chalk it up to you loving what you do and that you don’t see it as a job (I wish I felt that way with my job).
    I also wanted to let you know that the latest TWiT never appeared on the AAC feed. I wouldn’t have known a new episode was out if I hadn’t been checking out the website on another computer.
    And to sum it up I wanted to thank Paul Thurrott for recommending an excellent book pick. I downloaded and listened to World War 3.0 for the entire audio program. It was very enlightening, I’ve almost decided to restart my audible subscription again.

  27. LOL… I agree with Da-Chief’s post above.
    I do look forward to every new episode, but there are times when people need time off, like when Mr. Thurrott went to France.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for actually making my iPod more useful than it was when I bought it.

  28. you and the crew deserve a break, maybe good for the podcast too; you find a interesting topic to talk about on one of the twit casts 🙂

  29. LEO take some time off. I teach and work in the theatre. If i did not get time off i would be burnt out. I spent 6 years working 11 months a year 60-80 hour weeks. I was not fresh and in the end my teaching suffered. Get a system in place so you can take some time off, your a network now and a network cant survive on the back of one man. I would rather listen to another commercial in my TWIT so the creator can take some time off and be fresh to create great content.
    Good luck and get some rest

  30. Take a break Leo, we’re not going to forget you anytime soon. Meanwhile, everybody needs to refresh, and certainly nobody works harder than you, so you deserve it.

  31. I think a break is a good thing. And – as may have been said above – most listeners have iTunes (or similar) checking for updates. So, it’s not as if forgetting you is really an issue. You’d come back, post an update, and there it would be – a new episode would show up for us to listen to. No action needed on anyones part.

  32. Recently one of my favorite podcasts took the month of August off and it went great. What helped was that he told us in several episodes leading up to it that he was going to be taking a vacation. Then, he came back right on time.
    I think this would work with most of your podcasts… except TWIT. Since TWIT is so news-based the break will be felt a lot more. What I think would work for TWIT is having guest hosts for a month while you take a break – it could actually be pretty fun to listen to, as long as we know you’ll be coming back soon.

  33. Nooooooo! Seriously I can’t blame you for wanting some time off, and I think Katies idea of guest hosts would work real well

  34. I think everyone needs breaks – my thoughts are such for you to take time off… which you greatly, greatly deserve.
    SN could be pre-recorded pretty easily…
    MBW could be handed over to Scott Bourne for a couple weeks…
    TWiT could be guest hosted… John, Pat, and, I vote, Tom Merritt gets a shot.
    What about interview segments for WW where Paul does some Microsoft interviews? Those could be pre-recorded.
    Pause everybody else. I don’t know how you do all this material without killing yourself – unfortunately, podcasting is an unforgiving medium as far as schedules to get it right.

  35. i think a break sounds great too! you and the others feel revived… and i can have some time to catch up on music (i very rarely listen to music on the ipod now!)… just give us ample warning… don’t just disappear for a month without telling us!!

  36. I think you should take some time off now and then, otherwise you’re eventually going to burn out.
    I think many people are subscribed via iTunes. Just make a note at the end of the podcast that you’ll be back in a month. I don’t think people will unsubscribe to the feed during that time. I certainly won’t.
    Thanks for all the wonderful netcasts. Security Now is my favorite. You and Steve really get down to the nuts and bolts. Munchcast is my other favorite. The chemistry between you and Cammy is wonderful, you both make me laugh so hard. It’s great.

  37. I ran into this problem in my own work environment. Too much work, not enough me. I began investing my life into people who showed leadership skills and taught them to do certain jobs that I was sure that I had to personally take care of. As it turns out, my investment paid off and my leaders have bought into the vision cast before them. They are accomplishing tasks at a higher level than I was able to achive alone. I learned that a team under good leadership can accomplish much more than one person – even a very talented and highly motivated person. IMHO – maybe you could invest some time in leadership so that you can take some time off without stranding the TWITs.

  38. Leo – Like the rest here, I have been listening for so long now, I can’t really remember when I wasn’t listening.I like the idea of a break filled with “Best of” shows. And maybe you could stagger the breaks between the different shows.
    My tech life (and all of its ancillary components) has been enhanced by the TWiT network.
    Cheers from Louisville!

  39. Leo,
    I love TWiT and The Tech Guy, but you know I would completely understand if you needed to take a break every so often. You could also cut out some of the podcasts that you do.
    Or what about putting together ‘reels’ of favorites to play like reruns? You could gather bits from all your different shows and piece them together into hour long chunks to play as reruns. Granted, this would provide additional work upfront, but once you had a small library set up like this, you could just check in once a week and upload an hour.

  40. I listen to lots of your podcasts and wouldn’t mind if you took time off from them. Maybe not all of them at once… but c’mon… you’ve got a HUGE advantage over regular shows that take time off: When you start updating that RSS again, people start getting your show again! It’s that easy. People wouldn’t delete your feed if it wasn’t coming in in a while… especially if you left a note of hiatus before you left.

  41. Looks to me like Leo is starting to succumb to podcast fatigue. It’s not like NEt@Nite was on every sunday every week. There have been times where the show wasn’t produced for over two weeks during the shows existence. I guess all of those mini breaks weren’t enough.
    I thoroughly enjoy net@nite when the conversation isn’t about nostalgic times or when the show doesn’t sound like a phone call between two distant friends who seemingly only have one hour for one day a week in which they can communicate with each other.
    If you need the break, go ahead and take it. There are plenty of other podcasts oops netcasts to keep me busy.

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