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  1. Is that Yoshi in the background? I miss the good ‘ol days of The Screen Savers. Whats the story, going through some old photo albums?

  2. Yeah, I miss those good old days, but hey, they are all Revision3 employees so there will be good times to come.

  3. Ahh…memories!! I sure do miss the good ol’ TechTV days..that was the channel I watched more than anything else during the week. Thanks for digging up a TSS classic photo for all of us.

  4. Great shot. Is there a Flikkr file of just TECTV stuff? and while were on the subject, did I see a “Yale” shot of you some place, where you had a beard, or are the flashbacks happening again?

  5. Hey Leo,
    Great pic. The good old days!!! I was just curious but about a year and some change ago you mentioned a possible TECH TV reunion. Any chances that this is still a possibility? I think many would love to see you all together again on TV or via a netbroadcast.

  6. Had another thought based on what buffalodavid said. What about starting a TECH TV flicker group so that everyone from the old shows can post pictures. Could make it kind of like the techguy photo assignment group. Just a thought.

  7. Care to elaborate on WHEN, WHERE, and WHY this picture was taken, or do you prefer to leave us all hanging?

  8. That’s Patrick, Kevin, and Sarah on the set of The Screen Savers, one year before the show was gutted and moved to LA. As for why. You’ll have to ask them! 😉

  9. You’re the only element missing from the Revision 3 staff– part-time gig possible? What’s the hold up?

  10. Segue– Your immense graciousness when dealing with that mother’s anguish upon discovering her fifteen-year old son was downloading porn was moving in its quiet confidence that good values would ultimately be the only protection for this child. My respect for you quadrupled because your depth as a person (parent) shone through. You’re far more than a geek or techie.

  11. Leo, you have to join up with revision3 and bring back The Screen Savers. You’re the only member of the team missing. Sarah, Patrick, Kevin, Martin…AND YOU!! Too many people out there want it to happen !

  12. Leo, great pic and thanks for posting it. Brings back the memories. Of course now they all work at Revision3. Unfortunately the picture would look quite a bit differently now considering the number of times office parties are mentioned in any of Revision3’s podcasts. *starting Photoshop* (j/k)
    Anyway, thanks.

  13. No…as much fun as it is to fantasize about TSS existing again..you really CAN’T “go home anymore”. Times have changed…situations have changed…attitudes have changed…and the people have changed. But it’s fun to look back. I too miss TSS and the original concept of TechTV. It WAS fun! *sigh* Thanks, Leo for the pic!

  14. Thanks for the kind words, Jan!
    Unless there’s a radical change in my situation I’m afraid it’s pretty unlikely that I’d ever go to work for Rev3.
    1. I’m done commuting to SF.
    2. I’m pretty busy with TWiT – and I own that.
    3. I don’t really want to build another Screen Savers for anyone but myself.
    Rev3 is committed to doing live programming. And I’m sure they’ll do a Screen Savers like show. And who knows, if TWiT continues to be successful, I might do the same some day. Then you’ll have TWO Screen Savers to watch!

  15. Wow this brings me back. I really miss this show. Someone should give Yoshi is own show.

  16. I remember watching the screen savers which I never missed an episode of and also watching the jibcam at the same time. Thank you Leo for all the knowledge

  17. Leo, You’re the man, been following your shows and casts since the days of “Call for Help” and “The Screensavers.” I really miss the old G4 Network. Adam Sessler was annoying but I couldn’t look away, I blame Morgan Webb for that. I still follow her video podcast, she has an infectious smile.
    Anyway, Keep up the amazing job, love the shows.

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