Anything Shooby Can Do…

I was reluctant to brick my own iPhone, but thanks to David K. MacArthur of Fast Cash Pawnbrokers who FedExed me an unactivated iPhone from his large collection of pawned phones today, I decided to sit down with Shooby’s excellent instructions and try iUnlock.
It worked flawlessly the first time and I am sitting looking at an iPhone on T-Mobile. I just checked my voice mail: No Visual Voice Mail® – who cares – but it works swell!

Just as I finished, of course, iPhone Dev Team announced an all-in-one GUI unlock, so now it’s even easier. I wonder if Scott Bourne will believe me? 😉

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  1. Hey Scott, don’t believe it. Boing boing has just reported that two days ago Leo was abducted and replaced by a cyborg.

  2. Glad my instructions worked for you. My little side unlocked iPhone business will move even quicker with the GUI app! Then again, the GUI app makes it easy enough for anybody to do it and makes me lose some credibility.

  3. Now if we could only start hacking the iPod touch. I really want to hack mine and I haven’t even had it for a day yet!

  4. What?! You have TWO iPhones? I don’t even have one. Guess that’s what sucks about being in contract with Verizon.
    Verizon may have a good network, but their phone selection sucks. I won’t be able to switch for at least a year. Guess that puts me as a gen 2 user then.
    However, I am saving my money up for an iPod touch. They look so slick it isn’t even funny. Oh the pain of being a gadgeteer and a college student at the same time!

  5. hey leo, you better have a signed affidavit by the notary public before you tell scott about this.

  6. Great job leo. Make sure to talk about it on MBW.
    Anyone know if you can disable Edge? I’ll be doing this with my corporate TMobile card that doesn’t have internet. I don’t want to end up unknowingly building a huge bill because my unlocked iPhone was checking for email every 10 minutes.

  7. Mike,
    There are many reasons that people are already selling their “new” iPhones. For one, they are not so new anymore. They have been out all summer. A lot of “early adopters” are already selling theirs. I just did a search on ebay and there are over 1100 iPhones for sale. Many are used. Also, we are just outside the Baltimore/Washington corridor. This is a fairly transient area. We get a lot of people that are moving back overseas and they sell us stuff right before they hit BWI airport on their way home. Some people have decided that they don’t really like AT&T and decide that the $175 termination fee is cheaper than paying the monthly service for another 24 months. We are also a fairly high per-capita income region and we have been buying iPhone’s from students heading back to school. They just had to have the latest thing for the summer and now it’s back to reality. When you think about it, there have been a million iPhones sold so there are going to be a lot of used ones for sale already.

  8. I can’t wait for the next MBW just to see how scott reacts. Just wondering if it is update proof… 1.1.1 coming?? according to

  9. The Pawnbroker: got any more iPhones? I looked on your website and don’t see any listed on any of your auctions…
    joepruitt – at – hotmail – dot – com

  10. Leo, do you feel confident enough to recommend someone in VT buy an iPhone now?!?!?
    My carrier is Unicel which is GSM at least for now…
    I think 16GB phones are imminent so will wait until then at least.
    Love the new blog format Leo

  11. I unlocked my iPhone via the Software GUI developed by HaRRo. It is bascially the same except doesnt look as good. iUnlock was what it was called. I’m sure that is what you used as well. Now I’m talking on the Rogers network in Canada! Too bad i bought the 4 GB at $499 when i can now get the 8 GB for $399! Great new blog by the way keep it up!

  12. if I have a business att account will an unlocked phone work with the business sim?

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