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  1. This has been on MacRumors for awhile now. Why would is be an iPod? I see a phone button on it. And it is a *Tmobile* ad.

  2. wow , the Netherlands got mentioned on Leo’s blog. it reads as it is a iPhone with a 16 gb ipod embedded.-2mp photo’s
    -mobile surfing and checking your mail through HSDPA
    -Visual voicemail
    -incl. Stereo headset

  3. “Kulthandy” means “cult mobile”. They are definitely talking about the iPhone. Glaubt mir ruhig, es ist meine Muttersprache. 😉

  4. OK I think you are right! HSDPA with 3.6 Mbps is to good to be true.The highest speed in the Netherlands is at this moment is HSDPA at 1.6Mbps/384kbit/s. I have this on my Windows Mobile Samsung I600 cell phone, use it for mail, browsing and controlling my wired online home http://www.bwired.nl . I like the Iphone, had the privilege to play with it for a while, but I’m not thinking about going back to GPRS!
    Russell Shaw at Zdnet has the Iphone Add to in his blog and he is still believing it also 🙂 http://blogs.zdnet.com/ip-telephony/?p=2318 It’s a good joke, the fooled me too!

  5. Hi Leo, I was just wondering what widget you use for your Flickr Pictures, I would like to put it on my site as well.
    Thanks, Jonathan

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