To Do List

Things to do tomorrow:
1. Fix last week’s Jumping Monkeys (there’s stray audio at the end)
2. Edit and post this week’s Jumping Monkeys
3. Edit and post Saturday’s Tech Guy
4. Edit and post Munchcast
5. Record Cali for today’s radio show
6. Do the radio show
7. Edit and post the radio show
8. Record TWiT (better get a panel together now!)
9. Record net@nite
10. Collapse

Oh yeah, and I better call Shooby and make things right there, too.

15 Replies to “To Do List”

  1. Leo, just want to let you know at least one person has found the site.
    Like many others, I got hooked with TechTV Call for Help. I enjoy the KFI show and netcasts. I don’t know how you keep all those balls in the air.

  2. Found It, Like It. TechTV viewer back from when Kate was on with ya. Then KFI via the internet. Now stickam. Thanks for the open live broadcast as I’m nowhere near a radio station in Crossville, TN.
    Thanks again
    TjP an old Fido Sysop

  3. Things always have to be right with Shooby! He knows where the bodies are buried, er, how the podcasts are edited.
    Thanks for all the podcasts you do–they keep me sane (okay, well, they keep my sanity from completely disintegrating).

  4. I didn’t see a line with “Play Bioshock” in there anywhere! (‘Course..maybe a line like that sometime YESTERDAY…is why this list is so LONG TODAY!) 😉

  5. lol I thought I was busy between school and work. How much water must you drink in one day to keep your voice from going out? It must be nice to know that you can make a living on stating your opinion though. Most people say “You know what I think?” and then theyre met with “no one cares..” You get a paycheck so thats cool.

  6. Wow and I thought Sundays were supposed to be a day of rest!! You put the rest of us mortals to shame.

  7. only you leo would blog a todo list ;)… Keep up the fantastic work. Your inspiration has almost finished my first web 2.0 project. I’ll see you next year in Australia… Adelaide FTW

  8. Selected days from Martha Stewart’s December calendar:Dec. 1: Move outdoor gardens indoors.
    Dec. 3: Scrub north face of house with Borax.
    Dec. 4: Touch up trim in Yemen apartment.
    Dec. 6: Weed indoor garden.
    Dec. 7: 8:30 a.m. “Today” show appearancw w/ Bryant & Katie.
    Dec. 9: 4:00 a.m. Montauk, Long Island. Catch giant tuna for dinner.
    Dec. 10: Neuter pets and barnyard animals.
    Dec. 11: Change glue in 55 glue guns.
    Dec. 12: Bake, bake, bake.
    Dec. 13: Sell, sell, sell.
    Dec. 14: 8:30 a.m. “Today” show appearance. Grab Bryant under desk.
    Dec. 16: Recipe-testing dinner for staff of “Chutzpa!” magazine.
    Dec. 17: Make planters from used tractor trailer tires for New Jersey relatives.
    Dec. 18: Make napkins, tablecloths, candles, and toothpicks for dinner guests.
    Dec. 20: Realign branches on tree & glue.
    Dec. 21: 8:30 a.m. “Today” show appearance. Exchange glares with Bryant.
    Dec. 22: Stalk, shoot, gut, bleed & defeather turkeys. Baste overnight.
    Dec. 25: Build creche. Play Mary.
    Dec. 26: Start planning Christmas 2000.
    Dec. 28: Call police to remove relatives from grounds.
    Dec. 31: Harvest ice from pond for drinks.
    Leo, Long-time fan. Love the new format.

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