The First VTR

I had a little time to kill before my flight to LA today, so I was finally able to stroll through the early audio exhibit in the United concourse at SFO (on the way to gates 76-90). Lots of interesting historic items including this first videotape recorder. When Apmex showed this to television executives in 1956 they gave it a standing ovation.
The first video tape recorder

The exhibit is Dolby heavy – practically everything is on loan from Dolby Labs, including the Ampex. Ray Dolby was on the team that invented it – but well worth the 20 minute stroll.

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  1. WoW, when I was ‘developing’ my geekness in high school; in the late 60’s. I was the guy that was ‘allowed’ to roll around our Ampex VTR, from class to class ! It was a Beast; we even needed a bigger then usual cart to haul the thing around !

  2. shopping cart laptop!!!! that's my idea of a tottally “off the grid computer” [loads into your car of course- H. ford you genius!]. Put a battery, solar panel, plus stair-master [human power] hydro-elec/gravity… CONVERTER… and a computer all in a “SHOPPING CART” AND AWAY YOU GO!!!! completely free, and footloose

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