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Dvorak calls me a “joiner.” Someone who signs up for every new site he sees. True dat. But sometimes they’re really worth signing up for, and how do you know until you do? I’ll give you an example.

I’ve always wanted to do a Tumblelog, somewhere – not quite as formal as a blog – to stick all the random cool stuff I come across day to day. The coolest example out there is project.ioni.st (don’t click that link just yet because you’ll never return – it’s that engaging), but there are several others like the original, Anarchaia.

The canonical way to do this is to install Ruby on Rails and Ozimodo. It’s very easy unless you’re using Apache. Then it gets a little harder. I just don’t have the nerve to mess with either of my production servers (TWiT.tv or techguylabs.com), so my dream of creating a TWiT tumblelog has been thwarted. Until now.

tumblr.com makes it trivial to create a tumblelog. Merlin Mann did it first. He inspired me (in more ways than one) to use tumblr to create tumbléo.com. I’m not cheating on you Vox, honest. I can love two blogging engines at once. Hey, I’ve got six sites running on three different CMS systems and two different forum engines right now.

So now between Vox, Twitter, and Tumblr, there are no limits to my self-expression.

Ideally all this stuff would be collected into a single site. And someday I hope to do just that.

The first step is to move the the radio show site and my home page, both now in PMWiki, to Vox’s sister platform, Moveable Type. Once that’s done (hello Apperceptive, where are you?) I will merge all my old blog postings (now in Expression Engine format) into Vox and crosspost into MT.

Phase two will be to find a Tumblelog template for MT (got one?) and incorporate tumbléo into the site.

Twitter will just have to stay a widget on the site.

That’s three sites reduced into one. What about the other three sites? I don’t anticipate moving TWiT in at this point; Drupal is working so well for it. And the message boards for TWiT and Leoville will stay where they are, twit.tv/forums (running Vanilla) and leovilletownsquare.com (running FusionBB), respectively.

Meanwhile enough voxing around, I’ve got some cool stuff to post on tumbléo.

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