The First Radio Mime

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I’m launching my new national radio show tomorrow and I’ve completely lost my voice. Freud would have something to say about this.

My buddy Al, the throat doc, is telling me to shut up for 24 hours, so I’m canceling everything and going home to rest my voice. But I have to say one more thing before I do: yippee!

The Tech Guy radio show launches on Premiere Radio Networks tomorrow with the following stations, and more are joining every hour (including a really big announcement soon I hope).



Starting next weekend:

Back on KGO!

Some of the TWiT hosts will have short segments on the show. The plan is to have one three minute segment each hour at around 23 minutes past the hour. This week Steve Gibson and Paul Thurrott will be on talking security and Vista, respectively. Next week Amber MacArthur, Dick DeBartolo, Merlin Mann, and Ron Rosberg will join the line-up.

Our national launch sponsors will be DSLExtreme and Carbonite (thanks guys!), and thanks to KFI and Premiere Radio Networks for making it happen!

The new chat channel at is #techguy. The new call-in number is toll-free 1-888-8 ASK LEO (that’s 1–888–827–5536).

See you tomorrow (even if you don’t hear me!)

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