Introducing the iPhone

These are notes from Steve Jobs’s MacWorld Keynote – Janurary 9, 2007. Typed live via Blackberry…

Arrived late but still plenty of room in the hall. We’ll be doing a MacBreak right after analyzing the announcement but I’ll post the raw info here via Blackberry

9:11 Steve is later than I was. Phew

James Brown – I Feel Good on the house PA

Moscone West. Must be room for 2000 in here. Big screen in front, two big screens on the side mid way.

9:15 here we go Standing O for SJ. Black turtle neck and jeans. “Make some history together today.”


Intel switch completed in 7 months

New Mac every month

Thank you Intel, Third-party developers, Users

Extremely successful year

Over half of all Macs sold in the US to switchers.

Quoting Jim Allchin “If I didn’t work for Microsoft I’d buy a Mac.”

New Anti-Vista ad: “If I don’t come back I want you to
have my peripherals.”

That’s all for Mac – no Mac hardware today!


Nano is world’s most popular MP3 player by a wide margin.

ITunes 2 billion songs sold

Sales up substantially in 2006 (contrary to Forrester).

5 million songs a day

Now 4th largest reseller in US ahead of Amazon

350 TV shows, 50 million sold

First four months; 1.3 million movies sold. Paramount will join lineup. 250 movies.

Zune 2% market share vs iPod 65% in November

New iPod ad – more of the same

Alternate version a little cooler

Apple TV

Now iTV will be Apple TV “Enjoy your media on your big screen TV”

On back: Power USB2 Wi-Fi HDMI Component Analog audio and video

720p 40 GB HD 802.11b g a and n

Video music photos auto sync from one computer, stream from up to five computers

Apple remote

Screen saver uses photos Much enhanced front row like app.
Includes podcasts in menu.

What’s that Sources menu for?

Still working his way down the “Front Row” menu

Playing John Mayer. What’s with the John Mayer fascination??

Skipped podcasts to photos menu. Montage of culturally diverse clean cut young people sporting in nature.

Now on to Sources menu. There’s Phil Schiller’s macbook – PIN authentication. Streaming 30 Rock to Steve.

$299 shipping in Feb, taking orders today.

The Big Announcement

Ok now what?

“This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years.”

“Revolutionary product.”

Running through Apple’s history. Mac. IPod. Today. Three revolutionary products.

Widescreen iiPod!


And …

Internet communicator. Hunh?

All in one. Doh!

Touchscreen. IPhone!!!! That’s the name.

Ok let’s get the details…

Smartphones are too hard to use. “We want to make a smart phone that’s easy to use. A leapfrog product.”

Revolutionary UI. Replacing keyboard and number pad with touchscreen. Soft buttons. Bit mapped screen. Pointing device.

Giant screen. Finger touch. “Multi-Touch technology.” Multi finger gestures. Misstroke rejection. Patented.

Software that’s “5 years ahead of any phone.” Runs OS X!

Wow. Scott Bourne has passed out.

Desktop class applications and networking.

Alan Kaye “people who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Learning from iPod. Automatically syncs through iTunes. Including media. Contacts. Bookmarks. Email setup. Dock.

Metal back. 3.5″ inch screen 160 dpi. Home button on front. 11.6 mm
thick. Switch for rings and silent. Volume dial. 2MP camera. 3.5mm
headset jack. Sim card tray. Its GSM!

Put phone to your head screen turns off. Light sensor accelerometer for automatic portrait to landscape switching.

Cover flow built-in


Unlocks with gesture

Awesome ballistic finger scroll. Playing the Beatles(!)

Ok this is utterly fantastic. A must have device at any price.

Demoing music now. Incredible nav features. Cover flow. Very fast.

Audience is LOVING this.

Aluminum back not white.

Wide screen? Double tap.

Now to phone.

Killer app for phone? Making calls. Visual voicemail. Random access voicemail.

Quadband GSM plus Edge. Wifi and bluetooth 2.

Complete big button interface. Very easy UI. Very intuitive. All of Apple’s UI expertise shows in this phone.

Steve is clearly really happy.

SMS looks like iChat. On screen keyboard. IChat sounds too.

Built in photo management. Pinch to enlarge or shrink.

“We have reinvented the phone.”

Internet communications device.

Rich HTML email. IMAP or POP. Safari built-in. Google maps. Widgets. Automatically detects and switches to wi-fi.

Demoing interface with Yahoo mail. Free push IMAP email from Yahoo.

Safari works very well. Maybe better than on a Mac.

Google maps. Steve just used it to call Starbucks and order 4,000
lattes to go. No GPS? Basic Google maps although the slide says traffic
info, too.

Introducing Eric Schmidt, Google CEO (and Apple board member).

“First of a whole new generation of data services.” “Cloud device.”

Yahoo search is also built-in. Jerry Yang on stage. Yahoo Go and Yahoo one search plugs. Begs for a phone.

Accessories. Stereo headphones with mic. Bluetooth headset.

Battery life. 5 hours talk video or browsing. 16 standby.

200 patents applied for on iPhone.

“Your life in your pocket.”

Price: 4gb $499. 8GB $599 
Availability: June pending FCC avail. Europe Q4. Asia 2008. Cingular network exclusive in US.

CEO of Cingular, Stan Sigman

Blah blah blah

So will there be one more thing? Probably not today! Well except for the requisite John Mayer concert. I am outta here. 

We’ll have full coverage on MacBreak Weekly tonight and MacBreak all week long.

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